How to Drink Whey Protein

Drinking whey protein is an excellent idea if you want to build muscle, burn fat, or replace a few meals. To drink whey protein properly, you’ll need to select a type of whey, weigh your powder correctly, and mix it into a tasty shake or smoothie. Then, time when you drink your shakes or smoothies(…)


How to Drink Cold Brew Coffee

Not to be confused with iced coffee (coffee served with ice), cold brew coffee is coffee that is brewed cold. Cold brew coffee has grown in popularity due to its full-bodied and bold flavor. It’s also less acidic and easier to consume than traditional coffee brewed with hot water.[1] Making your own cold brew coffee(…)


How to Drink Protein Powder

Protein powder is extremely useful for strengthening muscle tissue and for gaining weight, making it very popular among people who work out regularly. There are lots of ways to incorporate protein powder into your diet, but it’s usually easiest to mix it into drinks. Choose a protein powder, understand your body’s needs, then make a(…)