How to Dress a Newborn Baby

Dressing a newborn for the first time can be a nerve-wracking experience, but it doesn’t have to be! Knowing how to safely dress and undress your newborn, you will feel more confident as you care for your newborn each day. You will need to consider the temperature to ensure your newborn’s safety and comfort, especially(…)


DIY Personal Dress Form

Bit of a backstory before we begin. I enjoy up-cycling and making my own clothes when I have time, but I’ve had plenty of mishaps in making my own pattern pieces and ending up with garments not fitting right or not having the shape or cut I originally had in mind. Draping is a technique(…)


How to Dress Like a Model

Do you daydream about dressing like the models you see on the catwalk and in magazines? You don’t have to become a model to resemble their style. Anyone can dress like a model regardless of their shape, size, or looks. To dress like a model, choose the right outfit, pick out accessories, and adopt the(…)


Personalised Dress Makers Dummy

Whenever possible I make craft tools from paper and cardboard because it reduces the cost of making things. And they can be recycled when I finish with them. Otherwise I would have an attic full of rarely used equipment from all my different projects. The only expenses for the dressmakers dummy were…By: poppy.oceanblue Continue Reading(…)


How to Dress Up Jeans

While jeans are traditionally considered casual wear, the right pair can easily be dressed up for your next Casual Friday, romantic date, or night out with friends. As long as you start with the right jeans, you can create a dressy look with the right top, shoes, and accessories. EditSteps EditChoosing the Right Jeans Make(…)


I Made My Own Wedding Dress!

My husband’s and my biggest hobby is creating things, furniture, costumes, props, smaller decorations, …. We are makers and we liked to incorporate this theme in our wedding. I decided to sew my own wedding dress. This was a challenging project, since I didn’t have much sewing experience. I never …By: Sandra van de Looij(…)


Tech Dress

This is a littleBits project made by fashionable girls that love electronics.The skirt is not only beautiful but it makes you feel special because while moving the lights will turn on. The Bits that we used are Power to take the energy from 9 volt battery and transmit it to Motion trigger Bit whi…By: BONEVET(…)