How to Dress for an Art Opening

Figuring out what to wear to an art opening can be confusing. Do you wear all black? Do you need to make a fashion statement? The truth is you have a lot of flexibility when picking out an outfit for an art opening, as long as you meet the dress code and look presentable. You(…)


How to Make a Custom Dress Form

I recently made/remade my wedding dress. I highly recommend a dress form for a project like this. I started without one and quickly learned (I’m talking 5 minutes in, quickly) that it was pretty important. A wedding gown has quite a bit going on and it’s easy for non-seamstress like myself to get po…By: east(…)


Custom Dress Form

So, after many years of sewing, and fighting with "adjustable" nonsense dress forms, I decided to take myself seriously, and make a good, solid, stuffed dress form that is the size of my own body, and that you can stick a pin firmly into, with a deep sense of satisfaction. Starting with the finished…By: pentrop(…)


How to Sew a Fairy Dress

As per usual I started my renaissance prep a few months early. I decided this year to sew a dress instead of making armor for the fest because August is the one month in Minnesota where heat is actually a problem. I decided to make a dress inspired by fairy craft. I wanted my character(…)