How to Hold a Pencil for Drawing

There’s more than one way to hold a pencil, especially when it comes to an art as delicate as drawing. Most artists use two main grips to produce the bulk of their drawings—the tripod grip, which is the same one you’d use to hand-write a letter, and the underhand or overhand grip, which is useful(…)


Laser Cut 3D Math Lotus Drawing

Having access to a laser cutter in a Fablab, I wanted to give a try making a stacked laser cut sheet sculpture. I found much inspiration in the work of Gabriel Schama, but wanted something way simpler for a first attempt.I have better skills for parametric drawing rather than hand-made illustration….By: laxap Continue Reading »(…)


Turn Kids’ Drawing Cat Clock Into Reality (with Swinging Tail)

Update: This instructables is qualified to enter the contest in the final day! ( Happy Tears ~~~ If you like this instructable, even though this is the last day to entry LOL, please vote 🙂 for me ( or any other awesome instructables ) Contest page – https://www.instructables.com/contest/clocks2018/…By: musicandsky Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring –(…)



Hi Friends,Welcome back to creativity buzz.Here I make LED drawing copy pad for all students.For this, you need 15 LEDs and acrylic sheet. You only need to stick acrylic sheet and place LED panel inside this. LED Connection Take 15 No of LEDs and Solder these LEDs in Parallel connection as per Pi…By: Creativity Buzz(…)