How to Seal a Door

Gaps around your door allow air to pass through, creating drafts in your home. This will reduce the efficiency of your heating and cooling and can make your home less comfortable to be in. However, it is quick and easy to seal a door. To do it, determine where your air leaks are and cover(…)


Skull Door Frame Entrance Decoration

How to make an epic custom entrance for your door. Materials 1. Spray Foam2. White Spray Paint3. Black Spray Paint4. Ivory Spray Paint5. Spare Wood6. Textured Stone Rustoleum Spray Paint7. Small Plastic Skulls (100)8. 3 Large Plastic Skulls Layout Arrange layout. Apply Foam To Wood As Seen …By: agsd15 Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring –(…)


How to Make a Cold Smoke Generator – Door

Introduction : Cold Smoke Generator – DoorThis is a follow on from the initial instruction on creating a vent for the smoke generator. have decided to break the instructions into a number of key parts which might just be usefu…By: Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


EVA Foam Kids Door Plaque

After watching so many cosplayers and EVA foam smiths (punishedprops, evil ted, kamui cosplay etc..) I wanted to have a go. I spent many months accumulating the tools I’d need, finding bargains and biding my time, until finally, I had the necessary parts.But what to build?I decided on something rela…By: actongrieves Continue Reading » Instructables:(…)


Halloween Door Bell

Since its Halloween, we thought of creating a touchless door bell to scare the visitors. The bell will be triggered before they are even able to press the switch. The Items Which You Will Need Mini USB Charger5V 1 Channel Relay ModuleIR Obstacle Avoidance SensorBell SwitchCasing to house the comp…By: projectvolt Continue Reading » Instructables:(…)