10 to 100 Dollar Watch

I always wear a watch and enjoy alternating between wearing different watches. This makes me scan Tradera, the Swedish equivalent of eBay, for watches every other day to add to my collection. One day, a beat up GANT watch came up for auction, with a starting bid of only 10 dollars, and I felt I(…)


Kinetic Art Animation with Upcycled Dollar Store Solar Flowers ($10 Project)

Motivation: I’ve always been intrigued by synchronized multiple metronomes from Mythbusters show. But rather than use rather expensive metronomes, could I just use some old dollar store solar flowers taking up space in my closet? Approach: So in keeping with my el cheapo theme, I constructed a f…By: e024576 Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring –(…)


Dollar Heart

This is an instructable on how to make a cute dollar heart for tipping and gifts. Step 1. Fold the dollar bill into half (down the middle). Crease the bill along the fold to leave a nice strong mark. Step 2. Open the folded dollar bill Step 3 Fold the dollar in fourth’s by folding(…)


Dollar Bill Origami T-Shirt

During this instructable, the authors of this “How To” will be be using a United States Treasury note. The authors will be using a Dollar bill, but any United States Treasury unit will do as well. We will be giving instructions in both English and Spanish. The English instructions will be in an Und…By: DarylBenSpencer(…)


1 Dollar Lamp

You need to collect waste materials to build make this lamp, and it will only cost you 1 dollar if you have the tools already! Collecting Waste Materials Find following waste materials: Scrap metal pipes at hardware storesScarp metal sheets at hardware storesWires at construction sitesSignboard…By: ywang34 Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


Billion Dollar Shave Club: Unilever buys razor subscription service

You may know Dollar Shave Club best from its viral 2012 advert (or its line of “butt wipes for men“), but the company’s irreverent humor certainly hasn’t impeded its growth. Yesterday, Unilever announced it was buying DSC, with Fortune reporting the sale price for the California-based company as $ 1 billion in cash. The acquisition is one(…)


How to Stretch Your Knitting Dollar

Knitting can be an expensive hobby, especially if a ball of quality merino successfully tempts you. But if you’re like most knitters, you have at least one tub full of leftovers from spare projects. Learn how to use these in new, efficient ways, and replace them with supplies that don’t break your budget. EditSteps EditSaving(…)