3D Printed Acoustic Dock V1

I’ve been listening to a lot of podcasts lately so I’ve been looking for methods to amplify the audio so that I can hear it clearly and from a distance. So far I’ve found I can get an extra bit of volume from my phone by laying it flat against a hard surface and also(…)


Vertical Laptop Dock

I made a metal and wood MacBook dock that holds my laptop vertically when I plug it into my desk monitor. Docking it minimizes the footprint on my desk and transforms my computer from a laptop to a desktop when it is closed and plugged into my display. Looks so clean, too!Check out the video(…)


Wooden Phone Dock

Instructions Below Gather Your Materials Materials 2ft x 2ft x 0.75in Wooden Plank (any wood will do! Also the size can be whatever you want just make sure it’s the ) Pen or Pencil Ruler Wood VarnishTools Circular Saw Band Saw (Optional) File Sand Paper Make the Dimensions So the …By: korey.rangel Continue Reading »(…)


OWC’s USB-C dock adds ports, but makes your new MacBook Pro thicker than the 2012 model

USB-C laptops are still largely unexplored territory, and the form factors the docks and dongles we use to connect old gear to these new laptops is still very much in the air. But one idea that seems to be cropping up for the laptops of tomorrow is sticking a huge, bulky attachment to restore some(…)


Homemade Sound Dock

This instructable will take you through building a homemade sound dock. I wanted to get my sister one for Christmas, but I have worked with audio so much that I just decided to make it myself. Cutting the Box Out! First step is to cut out the box. The way it is built is with(…)


Phone dock – hot glue and leather

Turn a hot glue and piece of leather into charging phone dock.This is a little project and basic idea is very simple. However, you can use different materials etc. I used items that I already had. This is one way to do it.Safety equipment: eye protectors, mask, glovesTools i used:- Hot air blower- N…By: SoftRabbit(…)