Social Stats Tracker Display With ESP8266

Frame your followers! Here’s how to build a social media stats tracker display using the a wifi arduino-compatible ESP8266 microcontroller board and several seven-segment displays. This project is an extension of my YouTube Subscriber Counter project, but uses one "brain" to track and display multip…By: bekathwia Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


Display Frame With LED’s

I find a lot of great and interesting objects whilst I’m out and about and I wanted a way to display them. You can buy nice wall boxes or even use those boxed photo frames but I wanted to add some LED lighting to my box so needed to customise it.The box itself is made(…)


Laser Cut Acrylic LED Display

For the first laser cutter workshop in our ‘IMDIB’ makerspace, I designed this easy, cheap to make display.The base of the display is standard and could be pre-cut before the workshop starts. The acrylic display part should be designed and laser-cut by the kids during the workshop. You will need …By: kenyer Continue Reading »(…)


Ambient Display for Bus Arrival

While screens may be popular for viewing information, they are definitely not the only means to consume information. There are several opportunities for visualizing information from around our environment and with this project, we seek to hack into one those. The model truck in this project helps vi…By: patel-rohan Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring –(…)