Simon Says With LCD Display

IntroHave you always wanted to create an Arduino project that is one, really fun to play with, and two, easy to build. Well look no further. Hi there and welcome to my instructable. Here, I will be teaching you to create a Simon Says game with a LCD display. IdeaAs I was looking for a(…)


PIXELCADE – Mini Bartop Arcade With Integrated PIXEL LED Display

A huge thanks to Tobias for posting the original laser cut CAD design for this project. This project leverages the design from Tobias with the following modifications: An integrated PIXE: LED ART display that changes with the selected RetroPie game Laser cut side art inlays Audio amp wit…By: alinke Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring –(…)


How to Display Medals

Whether you’ve earned a collection of sports, contest, or military medals, you may be interested in sharing your accomplishments with your friends and acquaintances. After all, your medals likely symbolize many hours of hard work and sacrifice and they deserve to have a special place in your home or office! If you have some medals(…)


How to Display Christmas Cards

In spite of electronic communications, sending Christmas cards is still a popular tradition. These cards hold a sentimental value to many people. Instead of letting them sit in a box and collect dust, you can always display them around your home during the holiday season. This way, you get to look at the treasured memories(…)


Scrolling Bubble Display

Have you ever wanted to see you name written in bubbles?Do you have an off-cut of roofing plastic that you don’t know what to do with?Do you prefer your text presented in a therapeutically slow and rattly way?If you answered yes to any of these, well this is the project for you! This instructable s…By:(…)


Fluorescent Crystal Display Stand

Back when I was graduating from the university, I was working on an experiment for dark matter direct detection called CRESST. This experiment uses particle detectors based on scintillating calcium tungstate (CaWO4) crystals. I stilI have a broken crystal as souvenir and always wanted to build a dis…By: mosivers Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring –(…)