Scrolling Bubble Display

Have you ever wanted to see you name written in bubbles?Do you have an off-cut of roofing plastic that you don’t know what to do with?Do you prefer your text presented in a therapeutically slow and rattly way?If you answered yes to any of these, well this is the project for you! This instructable s…By:(…)


Fluorescent Crystal Display Stand

Back when I was graduating from the university, I was working on an experiment for dark matter direct detection called CRESST. This experiment uses particle detectors based on scintillating calcium tungstate (CaWO4) crystals. I stilI have a broken crystal as souvenir and always wanted to build a dis…By: mosivers Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring –(…)


Display Case for a Desk

This is an instructable for a cover or display case for a desk. It can also be modified for almost anything that looks like a display case for anything.I decided to modify something I saw on Thingiverse with an IKEA Lack Table as a 3D case to hold the heat in and dust out. I(…)



Hello there! Fellow electronics enthusiasts, I am quite sure we all make some or other projects, as a part of our learning experience or academics. We sure would want to display some data present on our micro-controllers, from sensors or simply display some message, so here is a quick tutorial about…By: MissionCritical Continue Reading »(…)


Card & Photo Display Stand

These easy-to-make card and photo holders look great, work well, and would make perfect gifts or products to sell at craft fairs or on Etsy.The curved cut lets these stands support even thinner paper that would otherwise fall over if the slot were straight. They use only a small amount of wood to ma…By: dnhandcrafted(…)