Wooden Soap Dish

You made homemade soaps, but you do not have soap dishes, here is a simple tutorial for you For this tuto you need :- A wooden board- 2 clamps- A wood router with guide and 2 différent cutter like in this picture. – Tracing tool- Miter saw- Sanding paperand do not forget to wear, for(…)


Macedonian Dish Makalo

Makalo is perhaps one of the most recognized recipes of the Macedonian cuisine. It is essentially a potato onion mash, with some added ingredients that make up for quite an attractive taste. Makalo is often served before the main course, along with salad and Macedonian beverage, but it is also nutri…By: Meri_J Continue Reading »(…)


Concrete Soap Dish DIY

Hello you! This Instructable is about how to make a modern concrete soap dish without borders. In my Video you also see how I made it. Have fun watching & reading! Let’s go! Cut wood to size Cut the wooden board to the desired size. I’ve chosen 8x8cm because it fits the best for the(…)