LED Dimmer With Potentiometer

This is an instructable that teaches you how to use a potentiometer to dim an LED. Materials ArduinoComputerBreadboardLED5 Male wiresPotentiometer USB cable Getting Started Plug Arduino into computer with USB cable. Wiring After the Arduino is plugged into the computer with the USB cord, we…By: cagoldstein Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


Basic LED Dimmer

In this Instructable you will learn how to build a simple LED dimmer using just a potentiometer. The Arduino kit that I’m using was kindly provided by Kuman (kumantech.com). You can find it here. Parts Needed 1 x Breadboard1 x Breadboard Power supply (optional)1 x LED (The color doesn’t matter)1 …By: Aleksandar Tsvetkov Continue Reading(…)


Mechanical Iris Dimmer

Dim a lamp using 3D-printed iris. A neo-steampunk style addition.We have a hanging LED lamp which is insanely bright, and we did not find any suitable electronic dimmer.Then I decided to add a 3D-printed iris to each LED module, as my first 3D printing project.Now each LED module can be separately d…By: laxap Continue Reading(…)