RPi Weather Station and Digital Clock

This is a quick and easy project to make, and a nice display to show off. It displays both the time, weather condition and temperature. And please, if you like this project, vote for me in the Microcontroller Contest: code is based on St…By: Anders644PI Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


Digital Pocket Powersupply

Ever wanted a powersupply that you can use on the go, even without a wall outlet nearby? And wouldn’t it be cool if it was also very precise, digital, and controllable via PC and your phone? In this instructable I will show you how to build exactly that: a digital powersupply, which is powered over(…)


Digital Camera Power From USB or Wall Outlet (Canon 500HS 510HS or Other)

This is usefull if you have a portable camera with a poor battery life.battery getting old, or low capacity battery from the start, like the Canon 500/510HS in question here, with under 1h of typical battery life.We are going to make the camera work from USB power.I tryed to make this as accessible …By: matthieu.lemaitre.1994(…)


Digital Harbor Foundation’s Soldering Station

This Instructable covers how to build the mobile soldering stations that we use at Digital Harbor Foundation.These sturdy, mobile stations help make soldering tools and equipment safely accessible to every corner of your makerspace.Assembling a soldering station takes two people and minimal tools, a…By: digitalharbor Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


How to Print Digital Art

If you’re a digital artist, you can’t display or sell your work without printing it out. Ensuring that your work looks professional when you print it out is important for your reputation as an artist. First, prepare your art for printing. You should adjust the resolution, sharpness, and contrast of the image to make it(…)


Heritage – Ceramic in the Context of Digital and Analog Techniques 2015

Until now, ceramics was a craft that had little digital influence. For this reason, it was exciting to mate this craft with a new technology. The starting point was an ancient form and a CNC Styrocutter.DESIGNBOOM Step 1: 3D Modeling & CNC Styrocutter The initial design process started by 3D mod…By: melaniegloeckler Continue Reading »(…)