DIY Digital Microscope

This DIY instruction is mainly focus on the reuse of old electronics parts into valuable electronic gadgets in scientific way to meet the challenges of the advanced technology. Digital Microscope is the modification of normal traditional microscope that uses digital camera sensor (COMS sensors) to m…By: ins_rakesh Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


How to Make a Digital Watch

This is the first time I am writing an Instructable so hopefully I write well enough for you to understand. Today I will be telling you how to make a digital watch from a website that I found. The website is called It was really easy except for one time when I put on(…)


“Simple” Digilog Clock (Digital Analog) Using Recycled Material!

Hi everyone!So, on this Instructable, I’m gonna share how to make this Digital + Analog Clock using cheap material!If you think this project "sucks", you can go away and don’t continue reading this Instructable. Peace!I’m really sorry if there is any of bad words or bad English, because I’m still pr…By: TresNaa Continue Reading »(…)


MechWatch – a Custom Digital Watch

The MechWatch is a watch I designed to have the advantages of Arduino in terms of flexibility, but I wanted it to look and feel as professionally made as I could. To that end this instructable uses fairly advanced surface mount electronics (no exposed connections to solder) and CNC milling equipment…By: J_Hodgie Continue Reading »(…)