How to Print Digital Art

If you’re a digital artist, you can’t display or sell your work without printing it out. Ensuring that your work looks professional when you print it out is important for your reputation as an artist. First, prepare your art for printing. You should adjust the resolution, sharpness, and contrast of the image to make it(…)


Heritage – Ceramic in the Context of Digital and Analog Techniques 2015

Until now, ceramics was a craft that had little digital influence. For this reason, it was exciting to mate this craft with a new technology. The starting point was an ancient form and a CNC Styrocutter.DESIGNBOOM Step 1: 3D Modeling & CNC Styrocutter The initial design process started by 3D mod…By: melaniegloeckler Continue Reading »(…)


Digital Clock Using 4026 and 4060

This summer I took a course called "Digital Electronics" at my college. I learnt about flip-flops, counters and much more. So I thought it would great If I do a project related to digital electronics and from there the project digital clock started. The project took about 2 weeks to get completed. I…By: Shubhamhts98 Continue(…)


Digital Dustbin

We always face across dustbins in streets where we either have to touch or press the lid by our feet to make it open, or in many cases we come across uncovered dustbins. So to improve the cleaning system here I’m presenting here a dustbin which opens its lid automatically when we bring our hands(…)