Electrostatic Polarity Detector

Completed by Kristen Stevens, Karem Gonzalez, and Leslye SaavedraAn electrostatic polarity detector can be used to detect if an object is negatively or positively charged. We followed the steps from the following youtube video: Materials: FDS8958A …By: kri2190522 Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


Creeper Detector

For a couple years, I helped the Children’s Museum of Bozeman develop curriculum for their STEAMlab. I was always looking for fun ways to engage kids with electronics and coding. Minecraft is an easy way to get kids in the door and there are tons of resources for using it in fun and educational ways…By:(…)


ATTiny EMF Detector

As is tradition, finished product image first.Inspired from masteruan’s similar build, which I will link below, I set off to build my own micro sized Electro-Magnetic Field Detector. The goals were to make this as small as possible while retaining enough stability that it would not break in someone’…By: bcb10 Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring(…)


Radiation Detector

Building a "semi-directional" radiation and cosmic-ray detector is not an easy feat. I aimed to design, construct, and test a portable and versatile Silicon photo-diode Radiation Detector suitable for the 5keV-10MeV detection range to accurately quantify low energy gamma-rays emanating from radioact…By: wavelet_spaghetti Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


ESP8266/ESP-01 Arduino Powered MQTT Leak Detector & Remote Alarm Receiver

NO ONE enjoys water/liquid of any kind leaking into places that it just doesn’t belong. The worst part of that scenario is that it tends to happen where you currently ‘happen not to be’…your basement, a utility closet, maybe even your attic or garage. Setting up a WiFi connected sensor in a potent…By: johnnyfrx Continue(…)


Lie Detector

With this machine you will know if somebody is being sincere or not with you. Electronic Components Arduino Genuino UNOProtoboardCablesDC MotorTransistorServo motorRed LEDGreen LEDArduino pulsometerResistor x3Potentiometer Connection Here you can see the scheme of the connections. Code // …By: nicolasbaques Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


WiFi Santa Detector (with Blynk)

Take a look at this project’s website!On Christmas Eve, children all over anticipate the arrival of Santa. Some might even stay up late to see if they can catch a glimpse. This project will track movement and the light level of the surrounding area. You put this in your room to let you know if(…)