Sculpted Oak Desk

Having not done a big project in far too long, I decided to use some work holiday to get back in the garage… Time to make myself a desk! The designing started with hand sketching various ideas/forms. My requirements were to have a cabinet with a couple of drawers, one of which would be deep(…)


Video Camera Desk Gantry

I’m a physics professor, and the last few classes I’ve taught I’ve started filming my solving physics problems and posting them to my YouTube Channel (channel:, ever-growing playlist of problems here: PhysicsProblemSolving) . This has many advantages: I do it offline, so …By: gravitino Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


Hanging Desk

Time: 4-5 hoursCost: $ 35-$ 65 (depending on if you already have hardware, stain, poly, etc.)Tools: Table and/or circular saw, hammer, drill, paint brush, level, yardstick or measuring tape, bolt cutters, stud finderOptional Tools: Biscuit joiner, Kreg jig, nail gun, driverSize: 34 1/2" x 15" x 3" tot…By: TexasSawdust Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring –(…)


DIY Video Editing Desk

Need a better workspace? A computer throne? Somewhere to edit projects for hours? I have a perfect solution for you! This ultimate computer desk will be your ticket to becoming more productive and an awesome addition to any workspace. Be sure to watch the video first to see how it’s done, and follow…By: Woodness Goodness(…)


AR (Augmented Reality) Desk

The world needs a new kind of desk!Desks used to be deep, to accommodate big heavy computer video display units, cathode-ray displays, computer monitors, or the like, that many people don’t use or need anymore.Today we wear (or carry) our computers with us, so we no longer need the cluttered desk.No…By: SteveMann Continue Reading »(…)


Minecraft Inspired Desk

Minecraft in real life is real fun! Here is a fun piece of minecraft inspired furniture that i built for Astor Services. I really enjoyed building this custom piece of furniture for the kids to enjoy. And i hope that you enjoy this video!! And HUGE thanks to Hilarie Burton and Jeffery Dean Morgan fo…By:(…)


Desk / Workbench Tidy

Following on from my last few projects, revolving sorting my workshop, i was sick of either having loads of pens and pencils all over the workbench or never being able to find the f***ing things!So i decided to make a desk or rather workbench tidy that would match the rest of my tool holders. I(…)


Simple Pipe Desk

I do a simple (and fast) desk for my wife with galvanized steel pipe and carpentry wood. Glue the Top of the Desk For first I glue all table of the top. Add a Reinforcement I glue an additional table all around the top. Glue Border To have a beautiful border effect I glue all(…)