this can be used as stool or desk either way you want.MATERIAL:・OSB 12mm・MDF 5.5mm・Round wood bar()・Screw(4*16)・ABSTOOL:・Laser cutter (Tortec speedy 400)・3D Printer (Up mini2)This idea is from yamashitaken.( DATA 1.Make data by Rhinoceros.3.Save plan a…By: ALLYSSAKIM Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


Customizable Desk Caddy

Is your desk always a mess? Are your needs for organization ever changing? Do you like simple builds to hack your life? Well the customizable desk caddy is just for you! It uses palletwood to create the base frame to hold your hacks.For the key to customization, it uses 3D printed pieces that insert…By: 16ztimothy(…)


Pinewood Desk

This is a solid pine desk I made in the Invention Studio at Georgia Tech. The top is a live edge weathered pine slab I found in the north GA mountains. I din’t use any fancy joinery in this project, just some quick and easy methods that give good results. Prepare the Top This project(…)


Display Case for a Desk

This is an instructable for a cover or display case for a desk. It can also be modified for almost anything that looks like a display case for anything.I decided to modify something I saw on Thingiverse with an IKEA Lack Table as a 3D case to hold the heat in and dust out. I(…)


Kids Bench + Toy Chest + Desk

Christmas is rapidly approaching and all I can see are toys everywhere. With this space-saving multi-functional kids furniture you can clear the clutter and have a place for your kids to sit and read a book. . Here are instructions on how to build A kid’s bench that has toy box storage and converts …By:(…)


Wall Mounted Dream Desk

This is the perfect dream desk for anyone looking to save space in a stylish fashion. This is a wall mounted with a few built-in items. Starting with the back panel this is mounted to the wall with the French cleat system and wrapped with RF LED strip controlled by a remote. To the left(…)


Large Writing Desk

For my Year 12 Industrial Technology Timber Major work I decided to build a large Jarrah writing desk. This desk was a large and expensive project but from every step of its construction I learnt valuable skills and ideas that would make building a similar desk much easier and allow for a wider rang…By: Balloon007(…)


Ye Old Student Desk

One thing that I love about Instructables its that when you people launch a new Challenge / Contest, there is always a thing to do in my shop/ Backyard. When you said Fix It Challenge I Said right on !! This time I Fixed an old Desk that belonged to my father Then I used(…)