DIY Flat Pack LED Desk Lamp

Before getting in the shop, we sat down in illustrator and designed a lamp made from wood and acrylic with LED’s as the light source. Then we went through the setup process to get the x-carve ready to carve. We are first carving 1/2” plywood to make the lamp base, arm, and a wooden cap(…)


Mega Desk for 3 People

This instructable shows how I helped my son make a 15′ long "mega" desk to share with his two college roommates. My son is sharing a house with 9 other students, and he wanted to maximize the space utilization in his room.The design is my son’s. I provided the shop equipment, and assisted in the(…)


Standing Desk From Any Desk

Turn any desk into a standing desk. The problem that standing desks try to solve is static posture. This works if you are changing from sitting to standing several times during the day. If you are just standing all day it does not really help you more than just sitting all day. The solution is(…)


Mobile Kids Desk

We designed this table and stool set for our 7-years old daughter who loves to draw. In our version of the drawing table there is no use of glue or screws. We wanted to keep the design and building as simple as possible so it would be easy to diy. But for a stronger construction(…)


Mid-Century Modern Desk

This high desk, made of wood planks and hairpin legs, was built with just a few hand-held tools.Hairpin legs and slightly slanted sides give a mid-century modern character. 3D modeling in OpenSCAD helped get the wanted shape.The desired style variant was obtained by carefully choosing the materials …By: laxap Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring –(…)