Designer Toy Beeto

This is another project that I did based on Paul Budnitz’s Designer Toy Class on SkillShare, Also part of #ArtToyITP project.Paul has a lesson which this video is part of on (not sponsored).The lesson is called "Beautiful Plastic: Creating a Great Designer Toy"https://www.skillshare.c…By: schou2 Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


A Spiral Bracelet Using Beadalon Artistic Wire Designer Spiral Maker

A quick and simple project even suitable for beginners Make Spirals With a Beadalon Artistic Wire Designer Spiral Maker (or by Hand) A simple design using 22 gauge non tarnish silver plated copper wire and a Beadalon Artistic Wire Designer Spiral Maker to easily make the embellishment for t…By: happycake100 Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring(…)


Google’s Chief Game Designer leaves the company so he can actually design games

Google’s chief game designer has stepped down from his position, suggesting that the company currently has little interest in making its own video games. Noah Falstein announced his resignation in a post on his own blog, stating that the “opportunity to actually build the big, consequential games” that he had been hired to help create(…)


Luxury auto designer Henrik Fisker says he’ll unveil a new all-electric car in 2017

Legendary automotive designer Henrik Fisker is returning to the industry, planning to unveil a new premium all-electric car in 2017. Speaking to Bloomberg, Fisker said the vehicle would be a “spiritual successor” to the Fisker Karma hybrid car launched in 2011. The Karma cost from $ 100,000 upwards and sold some 1,800 units in North America and(…)


Easy Designer Pencil Can

Choose your favorite fabric to make a designer pencil can from an empty tin can. All you need is an empty can (I used a 10 oz can in this instructable, but larger sizes also work well), a small piece of fabric and glue. Measure can and cut fabric Remove label from can and wash(…)