CountClock Protective Template Design

In January 2018 here at Instructables the CountClock was published, a clock targeting your children by offering various learning steps to become familiar and intuitively understand telling the time. In the CountClock design, the hour scale and minute scale are visually separated (no dual scales) and…By: openproducts Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


Design to Fly: Balsa Gliders

Use basic materials like pencils, paper, scissors, ruler, etc. (and maybe some high-tech tools!) to design and test your own balsa glider. Use the files provided to cut a glider body on a laser cutter, plotter or even a blade. Now, experiment with wing size, shape, and curvature either on paper or w…By: lregalla Continue(…)


KnowFlow Special Design

KnowFlow is an open source water monitoring device.It is designed for environmental activists, researchers, students… anyone who wants to know the water quality using low cost and customized tools.WE TRIED TO PUT IT UNDER WATER!!!Once this is done we can test the water quality from the much deeper…By: Juncheng Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring –(…)


PCB Design With Simple and Easy Steps

HELLO FRIENDS Its very useful and easy tutorial for those who want to learn PCB design come lets start INTRODUCTION Multisim:- It is a schematic capture and simulation application that assists you in carrying out the major steps in the circuit design flow. Multisim can be used for both ana…By: gsantony Continue Reading » Instructables:(…)


Low Pass Filter Design by JLCPCB

NOTE:Visit for ordering PCB Boards of this great project and get 10 boards only for 2$ with free shipping for the first order.Description:This is a simple L.P.F based onop-amp TL072/NE5532. Main purpose of this circuit is to provide Low Frequency output to the amplifier. Bass sound…By: auxtics Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured