Deck of Cards Safe

In this instructable, I will be showing you how to make a hollowed out deck of cards that can be used to hide small valuables. This is a very simple project it requires only one tool and just a handful of household objects, plus an hour or two of your time. This project was one(…)


Exploding Snap Deck

This was an exclusive item included in my 20k Giveaway box! Now that the box has been received and opened by the winner, I give you a full deck of Exploding Snap! The design for this is a completely original design by me – no reference except for the idea of Exploding Snap as a(…)


DIY Outdoor Deck Lighting

INSTALLING OUTDOOR LED LIGHT STRIPSLED light strips can add a diffuse glow to almost any area of the house. Add an effects controller and remote control and you have a colorful light show at your fingertips, even outdoors! This step-by-step guide will show you how to turn a common deck railing into …By: parts_express Continue(…)


Deck Chair Phone Holder

What inspired me?Whilst being inspired with the endless possibilities that come with designing and making Phone holders, I have begun to develop a lot of my ideas. However, I have recently made my own simple drill powered 150mm disk sander . I’ve been using is so much since I made it, and this has l…By:(…)