How to Decide on a Career Path

Whether you’re finishing up your education and are ready to venture into the real world or have been working in a certain field for a while and want to try something new, deciding on a career path can seem overwhelming. However, with a little self-exploration and some research, you can easily choose a career that(…)


Wikipedia editors can’t decide if Trump is the President yet

Officially, Donald Trump will be inaugurated as the 45th President of the United States at 12:00pm EST on January 20th, 2017, at which point the office of the President, along with its accompanying social media accounts, will transition to him. But over on Wikipedia, things are a little more complicated. As a crowd-sourced encyclopedia, anyone(…)


Supreme Court will decide if law prohibiting derogatory trademarks is unconstitutional

The United States Supreme Court has agreed to decide if a federal law that bans the trademarking of “disparaging” terms constitutes a free speech violation, Reuters reports. The case in question involves a Portland-based band called The Slants, who were denied a trademark because their band name is a racist term for people of Asian descent.(…)