Build Your Death Star Shade

If you’re reading this, you’ve bought one of my Death Star lampshade kits*, so, firstly: THANK YOU.To put the shade together, you will need… PVA glue – the thick, gloopy kind is better. Masking tape. Sandpaper and/or a needle file. Somewhere to hang the shade as you make it. A slightly-damp cloth …By: Kiteman Continue(…)


Death Eater From Harry Potter

The target was to construct a halloween costume inspired by Lucius Malfoy from the Harry Potter books, dressed up as a Death Eater (follower of bad guy Voldermort).Here’s an action shot of me in the full costume, Making a Mould Alginate – I used dental alginate Plaster bandages Plaster of Pari…By: fantasy-props Continue Reading »(…)


Death Doctor of Plague

Halloween is coming again!! Yea baby!! My favorite spooky holiday!For this year I’m finally starting at the beginning of September, so I hope to be done in time to actually use on the 31st of October!I’ve been wanting to make a plague doctor mask for years! My mask and costume need a darker and evil…By:(…)


How to Make a Death Star Pumpkin

If it’s going to be a Star Wars kind of Halloween or costume party, you can’t party properly without a Death Star pumpkin. While carving a Death Star into a pumpkin may take some time, you will be the talk of the neighborhood with this bad boy shining in your window. EditSteps EditPreparing For Carving(…)