Caliper Data Interface

Using Eagle, the PCB I designed is a caliper data interface. This board works with several models of inexpensive Chinese calipers and tire depth gauges.The board allows for either a TTL serial and/or an I2C interface. Through either interface you can perform several functions, such as zeroing the …By: JonMackey Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring(…)


How to Reduce iPhone Data Usage

This wikiHow teaches you different ways to reduce your iPhone’s data usage by making changes to your settings. EditSteps EditDisabling Wi-Fi Assist Open your iPhone’s Settings . It’s an app typically found on the home screen. Use this method to disable the feature that automatically switches your iPhone to your mobile data plan when your(…)


How to Check Data Usage on Android

This wikiHow teaches you how to see how much mobile data you’ve used on your Android phone or tablet. Edit10 Second Summary 1. Open your Settings. 2. Tap Data usage. 3. Select a date range. 4. Tap App usage. EditSteps Open your Android’s Settings. It’s the icon typically found on the home screen or in(…)


Floating Data Landscape

This sculpture uses edge-glow plexiglass to create a floating landscape based on how much I walked, ran, and bicycled in 2015. It is essentially a 3D graph displaying this information. One edge marks the beginning of the year. Summer is in the middle where the piece rises to a peak. The topography t…By: StephenCartwright Continue(…)