Two Cutting Boards

Today we will be making two cutting boards out of different wood. You will need basic woodworking tools. This is a fairly easy and quick project. You can complete this in a few hours and it is a fun project for beginners interested in woodworking. The dimensions I used are 13 ½ , 8 ,(…)


Brick and Mortar Cutting Board

There are many designs of Brick-&-Motar style cutting boards available online. This is my take on this style. Enjoy! Design After a quick sketch up in CAD I settled on ~12"x~16"x~1" thick finished dimensions and backed into the amount of material needed. Tools and Materials Tools Needed:San…By: mara0192 Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


Wood Cutting Saw

Hi, FriendsWelcome to creativity buzz.You can make a circular miter saw using wood. Materials 1)775 DC Motor2)DC Motor Clamp & Switch3)10 Inch Slider4)Ginder machine adapter5)$ Inch Saw blade6)Wood Cutting Wood Cutting wood in this shape of dimension.1) 35 X 11 CM2) 2 Nos. 25 X 4 CM3) 2 Nos. …By: Creativity Buzz Continue Reading »(…)


Cutting Aid Advanced

The Cutting Aid is a tool designed for cutting without using the muscles in the hand/fingers. This product was originaly designed for someone who loves working in the kitchen but sufferes from a muscle limitation in the fingers. We have redesigned this original cutting aid to a more flexible setting…By: Johannes Van Leuven Continue Reading(…)


Metal Cutting Bandsaw

This is my metal cutting stationary bandsaw made from a handheld Milwaukee bandsaw.* Some others at Instructables have made stands for portable metal bandsaws.Materials 1/8" plate 1" square tubing 1/2" square tubing 1/4" round rod 3/4" angle ironFlat head screws Plastic electrical tape 10-24 flat he…By: Phil B Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured



How to make the cutting board seen in the picture. GATHER YOUR WOOD Cut the pieces you need on the tablesaw and miter sawThe 4 pieces you need are:Walnut – 14" X 3.5"Walnut – 14" X 1"Hickory – 14" X 2"Hickory – 14" X 1.5" Glue Your Pieces Together Use a wood glue to glue(…)