Cute DIY Alphabet & Bee Wall Art

At A Makers’ Studio, we believe in creating DIY projects that use tools and accessories you can use over and over again, which is why we love stencils and stamps. Stencils and stamps are some of the most enjoyable — and easiest — ways to create DIY décor for your home or to make beautiful,(…)


Cute Textile Doll “Ivy”

Hi friends,I want to share how to sew a beautiful Handmade Doll by your own hands. This Cute Textile Doll in the style of Tilda can be wonderful gift for adults to decorate a warm home interior or be a part of collection. I love winter! Holidays and Ski season what can be better)) I(…)


Cute Wooden Snack Tray

Important disclamier: Chips/crisps is not included in this instructable.Thank you for starting to read this instructable. I hope you will enjoy your stay. I will try to make this short and effective. You can make theese trays in different sizes and shapes. They are pretty easy to make (if you have a…By: dekeros Continue Reading(…)


Cute No-sew Throw Pillow Case

Looking for a cute easy throw pillow case??? Well here is a great case I just made! Here is what you need to make it:Old throw pillow (or just a throw pillow)A well used hoodie (with zipper)Fabric scissors Gather your materials Gather your throw pillow and hoodie and lets get started! Cut you…By: shooting star(…)


Super Cute Mini Preserves Jar !!!

Hey, everyone!Todays intstructable is going to be on how to make a super adorable preserves jar that can make a beautiful ornament in the kitchen or even in your bedroom! In this instructable i have used a small jar but you can use any size.Hope you enjoy,Now let’s get started! You will need: For…By: kathy4lee(…)