Cute Wooden Snack Tray

Important disclamier: Chips/crisps is not included in this instructable.Thank you for starting to read this instructable. I hope you will enjoy your stay. I will try to make this short and effective. You can make theese trays in different sizes and shapes. They are pretty easy to make (if you have a…By: dekeros Continue Reading(…)


Cute No-sew Throw Pillow Case

Looking for a cute easy throw pillow case??? Well here is a great case I just made! Here is what you need to make it:Old throw pillow (or just a throw pillow)A well used hoodie (with zipper)Fabric scissors Gather your materials Gather your throw pillow and hoodie and lets get started! Cut you…By: shooting star(…)


Super Cute Mini Preserves Jar !!!

Hey, everyone!Todays intstructable is going to be on how to make a super adorable preserves jar that can make a beautiful ornament in the kitchen or even in your bedroom! In this instructable i have used a small jar but you can use any size.Hope you enjoy,Now let’s get started! You will need: For…By: kathy4lee(…)


Cute Panda Corner Bookmark :)

Hi, guys! I am back again with another corner bookmark!Hope you enjoy! Please comment any suggestions below and don’t forget to check out my other posts like my fox corner bookmark 🙂 You will need: PVA glueScissors A ruler A pencilWhite paper or cardBlack felt or card (i am using felt) Cutting…By: kathy4lee Continue Reading(…)


Cute Fox Corner Bookmark

Make this super easy and adorable fox corner bookmark! Which only needs 7 items! 🙂 You will Need: Coloured Card or paper (colour is your choice) I am using redPlain white paper or cardGlue (preferably a Prit stick)A pencilA black pen (felt tip or fine liner)A rulerAnd a pair of scissors Cutt…By: kathy4lee Continue Reading(…)


Cute LED Stuffed Cat

This is a great little sewing project with a soft circuit incorporated. I am doing this one with all of my Makers this year. I wanted it to look like a cat but now that it is finished it looks a little batish and will be doing this one again with wings for Halloween! Gather(…)


Cute Animal-themed Cootie Catcher With Printable Templates

This is a cute twist to the classic origami fold for acootie catcher. Here, I have included four animal templates, a shark, blue bunny, pink bunny, and a chick, provided by Easy Peasy Crafts. Print the Templates You may find the templates here:……By: TechMartian Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured