Customizable Light Box

With LED being all the rage these days, how cool would it be if you could have your very own lit up art on your bedroom wall? Even BETTER…what if you could easily change that art, especially around the holiday season?! This project didn’t start out with that in mind, but while meditating in a(…)


Customizable Desk Caddy

Is your desk always a mess? Are your needs for organization ever changing? Do you like simple builds to hack your life? Well the customizable desk caddy is just for you! It uses palletwood to create the base frame to hold your hacks.For the key to customization, it uses 3D printed pieces that insert…By: 16ztimothy(…)


Magic 8 Ball, Open Source, Customizable, Fun and Easy to Build

The world’s first fully customizable, Programmable, Open Source, 3D Printable, Arduino, 8 Ball!This 8 Ball will answer the questions on your mind and help you make decisions … or maybe you want to play 8 Ball Against Humanity? … or can’t find your D20 … or … … the possibilities are limitle…By: MechanicalMashup Continue Reading(…)


MyRCCar 1/10 OBTS Chassis Updated. Customizable Chassis for On-Road, Buggy, Truggy or SCT RC Car

Here you will find all the latest parts to build your unique, customized RC cars. Most of the content of this publication has been really created time ago but I have not stopped improving parts when I have had the chance.During this time I have made some videos about this chassis in different config…By: dlb5(…)


Customizable Pack Frame

This wood and canvas pack frame probably seems old fashioned, since it is similar to a popular style among Boy Scouts in the 1930s and DIYers through WWII and beyond. But old fashioned though it may be, it is still a simple, affordable way to go backpacking, transport all your gear, and more easily …By:(…)


Customizable Led Badge With Switch

This project was designed for the Minimusica Festival in Valencia, Spain on may 2018. Activity for parents and kids. Susana Monteagudo Críos&RollBased on Paper Circuit PinSparkfun…Digital Bling The Tinkering Studio Exploratorium San Franciscohttps…By: SusanaM20 Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


Customizable Piano Music Box

A musical gift for someone NOTEable… A friend surprised me with a birthday gift, and I wanted to return the favor by creating something personalized to his interests. He’s pretty amazing on the piano, so I had originally planned to record one of the clips he’s sent me on a recording greeting card …By: watchmeflyy(…)