Custom Bubble Wands

3D printed custom bubble wands are a great way to make any occasion extra special – AND teach your kids about cool science things like surface tension and how different air temperatures interact. Both the handle and the bubble ‘head’ can be customized and made into birthday numbers, names, lette…By: Paige Russell Continue Reading »(…)


Custom Subwoofer Enclosure

This instructable is on my latest custom Subwoofer enclosure. There are multiple panels and pieces within this build, and in this instructable I highlight the sub enclosure. I do not get into how I cut and laid out, or used tools as much. It is just a general overview of the steps. Cutting Panels…By: wrightelijah1212(…)


How to Make a Custom Dress Form

I recently made/remade my wedding dress. I highly recommend a dress form for a project like this. I started without one and quickly learned (I’m talking 5 minutes in, quickly) that it was pretty important. A wedding gown has quite a bit going on and it’s easy for non-seamstress like myself to get po…By: east(…)


A Custom Medal

Want to make yourself a participation medal? Or just want or make something cool? Well here’s a thing to spend some time on. It looks very cool if you take your time on it. Read through this all before going through. with the ribbon folding, look at the picture that comes next for it(…)