Make a Custom Pizza Peel

Greetings! With Father’s Day coming up I knew I wanted to make my dad something he could use. He likes to grill pizzas on the BBQ but doesn’t have an easy way to transfer the pizza to and from the hot pizza stone. Thus the idea for a custom pizza peel was born!This is probably(…)


DIY Custom NeoPixel Rings From Scratch!

NeoPixel rings, and NeoPixels in general, are among the most popular electronic components for makers of all types. For good reason too, with a single pin from any popular microcontroller Adafruit makes adding gorgeous LEDs and animations to any project extremely easy.Unfortunately they are rather e…By: Hyper_Ion Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


Custom Made Frisbee

My father-in-law is really into Frisbees (disc golf, freestyle Frisbee, pretty much anything Frisbee related) and being the man who married his youngest daughter I thought making a custom Frisbee for him might get me some brownie points. But before I make him one, I first needed to make sure I could…By: IJustLikeMakingThings Continue Reading(…)


Custom Vanity

I made a custom vanity for my fiance. I wanted to see if I could make round drawers that swivel out instead of normal drawers that pull straight out. I designed the overall image and shape of the vanity in Fusion 360 and the sections of the drawers and towers in AutoCad. I used a(…)


Custom Tablet Book Case

This project is a book which is partially hollowed out and glued to make a creative case for a tablet. ​Gather All of Your Materials You will need: 1 hot glue gun, 2 hot glue sticks, 1 X-ACTO knife, 1 cool book of your choosing, 1 8oz container of Mod Podge glue, 1 paint brush,(…)


Custom Red Cedar Utensil Organizer

We had a plastic drawer organizer, but it slid around in the drawer and didn’t have enough spaces for different utensils. This organizer was made from only two 1x4x8′ red cedar boards with materials left over.2 Eight foot Red Cedar 1×4 boards (Hardwood dealer)Wood glue…By: Hubbards Handmade Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured