Custom Light Up Monsters

Well, it’s super cold out and you need to be prepared with a snow day activity. What better time to stoke the imagination to design and build your own light up monster or alien being. It’s also a fun way to get started in programming microcontroller boards like the Adafruit Circuit Playground or any…By: caitlinsdad(…)


Custom Bed Frame

Having a typical metal bed frame with wheels, I always felt that the bed was weak and wobbly. I used Sketchup to put together my idea and added dimensions to it. Cutting and painting Using my design, I bought 15 straight, clear 2×4 pine and one 4×4 pine boards and cut them to my dimensions.(…)


Custom Car Seat From Scratch

In making a reproduction custom car from the 1960s, I needed a totally custom seat for the car. I did some searching for vintage plastic and fiberglass patio chairs thinking that may be what the builder used. No luck. I determined I would have to make the seat from scratch.DISCLAIMER: this seat i…By: Willys36 Continue(…)


How to Make Custom Paper Fidget Spinner Without Bearings

Hello in This instructable i made fidget spinner using Paper without bearings,it is very easy to make and you can easily find materials to make this at home(Sheet of Paper,Glue,Scissors,Compass,Ruler,Toothpic),it is a fun Project give it a Try!Don’t Forget To Share This Awesome and Easy Idea With Yo…By: ROBO HUB Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring(…)


Custom sanding block

I needed a narrow flexible sanding block for delicate, curvy wood projects. This works great for curvy wood if you want to make something like this knife handle. I first went down and got a loop sanding belt from one of those cheap tool stores, like at the "Harbor" I measured the loop …By: mourkoth(…)