Custom Dress Form

So, after many years of sewing, and fighting with "adjustable" nonsense dress forms, I decided to take myself seriously, and make a good, solid, stuffed dress form that is the size of my own body, and that you can stick a pin firmly into, with a deep sense of satisfaction. Starting with the finished…By: pentrop(…)


Custom Van Windows

Not too long ago I picked up a used 2016 Ford Transit cargo van. Doing a camper conversion has been a fantasy of mine since high school, dreams do come true. The cargo van is pretty raw, it came with a driver seat and a passenger seat. Past that it is just metal, no flooring,(…)


Custom Printed Moth Wing Cape

Capes are controversial in the superhero costume design community, and we all know they can cause some serious accidents if you stand too close to a rocket or fly through a vortex … but there’s no doubt that they make you feel super! Capes are just an iconic part of the superhero look, even if(…)


Custom Embroidered Patch

After watching some videos on youtube on patch making I was inspired to create one of my current youtube channel logo. I adapted the process to what materials I had on hand, specifically recycling an old white camisole.Interesting story, this logo was made right before summer of 6th grade while we w…By: SheepiAnna Continue Reading(…)