Marble Rattle Cube

Is it a puzzle? A rattle? A knick knack? Well yes it is any and all of these. It a block of wood with eight marbles trapped into it. With three different options it can be enjoyed by babies, children and adults alike. Between the marbles 12 trapped steel bearings makes it rattle quite loudly.(…)


How to Make Giant Paper Rubik’s Cube

Hello there!Today we make for you all known toy Rubik’s Cube from paper. We make cube giant and everybody can play with it.For make this game you need:Thick PaperGlueScotch TapeAcrylic PaintThis is Template: Bend Cut out the base and fold it into a cube Base Tube Cut the…By: Delta Hack Continue Reading » Instructables:(…)


Photo Cube in Resin

After thoroughly searching Instructables I was surprised that I was unable to find instructions on making a picture cube embedded in resin quite like the one I needed for this Christmas. This I knew would be the perfect gift for my family members as it fits nicely with The Mad Wrapper’s 2017 (quirk…By: TheMadWrapper Continue(…)


Build BLOKL or SOMA Cube X 8

I have used the SOMA Cube puzzle for several years as part of hands on math education programs atLeonardo’s Basement in Minneapolis ( Two big observations from these experiences: 1. The more SOMA cubes you have the more fun they are to play with. 2. 7 out of 10 people will say…By: MPLS_CBG Continue Reading(…)