A jig is a device that holds and guides a piece of work. This jig is also called a sled. I HAVE a SMALL ONE Admittedly, it’s not something a DIYer likes to talk about, but I have a small table saw. I wanted to build a cross-cut sled for it to be used on(…)


How to Make a Crosscut Sled

A table saw is arguably the most versatile tool in a wood shop. You can do everything from cut down large sheets to make extremely accurate cuts. The only down side (and in my opinion the fun side) is that you have to make jigs to do just about anything that isn’t a rip cut.(…)


How to Make a Simple Crosscut Jig

In most shops, space is a premium. As a Diyer with multiple interests, everything needs to be stored somewhere. I needed a crosscut sled that I can take anywhere and then store it when it’s not in use. I also used the miter gauge that came with the table saw as one of the miter(…)


Basic Crosscut Sled

Build a simple cross cut sled for your table saw. MDF Cut 1/2" MDF to the length and width of your preference. Miter Bars Rip miter bars to the exact width and height of the miter slots. Fasten Place the miter bars in the miter slots and align the MDF over the top. Spot glue(…)