Creating a Walking Centaur

This Halloween I felt I needed to step up my homemade costume game for my daughter. Every year I make my son and daughters costumes but it seemed the last few years my son’s costumes always had the extra wow factor, leaving her in his shadow. So when I stumbled across a pin talking about(…)


Creating a Clock From a Clock

In this Instructable, I take an existing clock and create what I feel is a better clock. We’ll go from the picture on the left to the picture on the right. Before starting on your own clock please know that reassembling can be challenging as the pivots need to be placed back in the plate(…)


Creating a Simple Frame

This instructables will teach you how to make a simple homemade frame for any photo or piece of "art" you would like to frame! Things You Will Need: Scissors Glue stick (make sure the glue stick is strong and usable on wood)Poster Board (the color is not important, it is going to be the base(…)