Word Crayons

Haven’t you always dreamed of having a crayon shaped like the color you are coloring with? Now your dream can become a reality! Learn how you can make a crayon in almost any shape (with some restrictions) using 3D prints and Molding Putty.Thank you to audreyobscura for the advice on mold making and …By: Penolopy(…)


Use Crayons To Share Data Between Digital Computer And Human Mind

One of the things I find so repugnant about the modern digital computer is how rigid the separation is between user, programmer, microprocessor, hardware, and software. The modern computer is partly a product of a religious belief that "data" or "information" have some sort of otherworldly existenc…By: lafelabs Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


This Week in Making: Maker Faire Cairo, Crazy Crayons, Casting Tips, and More

This past week we went to Cairo for an amazing Maker Faire, learned what a pulse oximeter was, played with crayons, and more! Read more on MAKE The post This Week in Making: Maker Faire Cairo, Crazy Crayons, Casting Tips, and More appeared first on Make: DIY Projects and Ideas for Makers. Make: DIY Projects and(…)


How to Make Lipstick Out of Crayons

One of the best ways to get new lipstick is by recycling old crayons. While many name-brand lipsticks contain a wide array of chemicals, lipsticks made from crayons are non-toxic, include a single ingredient, and have been handled by you alone. Plus, producing customized shades can be lots of fun. This article will show you(…)


Easter Egg Crayons

Kids love crayons, and they also love Easter. What better way to mix those two than with some colorful Easter Egg Crayons? These Easter eggs are fun, easy to make, and great for little kids to draw with. Materials Needed Things you will need for this project:• Glass jar or microwavable container….By: BradBuilds Continue Reading(…)