Maleficent Costume & Props

Grimm’s Fairytale of Sleeping Beauty and the villainess, Maleficent was the perfect project to test out my new 3D printer! After seeing the Disney live action movie starring Angelina Jolie, I thought… "Hey, she’s not that bad of a person" so let’s make a costume showing her real side! As queen o…By: badjer1 Continue Reading(…)


Amazing Roly Poly Costume

My son and I made this costume together back in 2012 when he was 7 years old. Over the years since publishing this video of the costume we have gotten many inquiries from people wanting to make there own. So, finally… welcome to my first Instructables….The Amazing Roly Poly costume.My son loves …By: PaulNorton Continue(…)


How to Make a Rooster Costume

There’s nothing cuter than a newly walking toddler flopping around in a chicken costume for Halloween. But when mom wants a baby chicken, and dad wants something "cooler" for his son, the resulting compromise is the most adorable of roosters!With just a handful of very accessible items, you too can …By: jdangson Continue Reading »(…)


Hawkgirl Costume

So this is my Hawkgirl costume. I decided to create my own version of the Hawkgirl you see in the DC comic books. I made about 95% of the costume. I wanted to create something that would make people gasp when they saw my costume. That is exactly the reaction I got from most people(…)


Unicorn Costume

This instructable will be on how to make a unicorn costume using a hoodie as the base. I have always wanted to be a unicorn. They have magic horns! They have pretty manes! And historically, they are very dangerous! Therefore, I would be a unicorn for Halloween. So I was. I was a fantastic unicorn.(…)