Power Loader Cosplay

Hello! Welcome to my power loader instructable!This project was completed over 7 weeks and cost…..$ 500..ish? I’m sure that could easily be done cheaper but I wasted a lot of material testing things out and buying tools that I didn’t have previously…and Modgepodge…..SO MUCH MODGEPODGE! Take…By: AllisonC74 Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


Leafeon Gijinka Cosplay Build

Pokemon has been a BIG player in nerd culture since the early 90’s. As such, when cosplay began to expand in the USA 10 years ago fans decided to humanize their favorite Pokemon. These humanoid Poke Characters are called "Gijinka". A group of friends and I decided we wanted to be the Eeveelutions bu…By: Ninja.Monkey.In.The.Machine(…)


Cosplay Squirrel Tail

"More squirrel than squirrel" is our motto.So I ran across a random tweet and someone was asking how to make a squirrel tail needed for a costume. It’s that season again, well, it occurs year round for many people.I took that as a challenge to see what I could come up with since there doesn’t(…)


Fem Kratos Cosplay Build

It is HIGH TIME I make another build tutorial so I am starting with none other than: FEM KRATOS!I made this costume in under two weeks for Game On Expo 2018. Here is what I will cover in this tutorial… Fur/Pauldron CraftingSkirts/Belts Crafting & ModificationWeapon/Axe CraftingMake Up Testing/Tran…By: Ninja.Monkey.In.The.Machine Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring –(…)


Cosplay Headgear: Elias Ainsworth From the Ancient Magus’ Bride

Hey there! I wanted to do a cosplay for Anime Expo 2018 and decided to do Elias Ainsworth from The Ancient Magus’ Bride. The outfit is fairly simple, but making his head is more involved. So this instructable outlines my journey to create the headgear. Here we go… Gather the materials A plethor…By: HyperChiicken Continue(…)