Cool Toned Smokey Eye

A perfect easy look for a night out. Could even be perfect for special occasions like weddings and proms. First you want to prime the skin and apply a foundation allover the face making sure not to forget about the neck and ears. Then with concealer apply this to the under eyes, chin, nose …By:(…)


Getting Started With La COOL Board

"When we had the Idea for La COOL Board I imagined a mix between an Arduino with WiFi and everything it needs onboard and a modular agronomic Weather station. It had to consume very few energy for autonomous operation and I want to control Stuff like Pumps, Fans.. accelerating the process of monitor…By: LaCoolCo Continue(…)


Cool Anvil Stand

I bought myself an old anvil. With the invaluable help and guidance of my brother Steve and his well equipped workshop we set about making a stand for it. I’m sure there’s many ways to go, but here’s how we did it.What you need:Cardboard template of your anvil. This way you can make sure everythi…By:(…)