Cool Party Hat From Scratch

You can make so many amazing things from PAPER, including wonderful and attractive gifts. You can, with the help of PAPER, transform a bland idea into a never-thought-of-gift!This Party Hat is made completely from scratch but you can buy a pre-made paper party hat to decorate. Paper Ingredients …By: VKBakes Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring(…)


How to Do Cool Tricks With a Slinky

If you love your slinky but you’re tired of the same old tricks, like flipping it between your hands and walking it down the stairs, there are a variety of cool tricks you can try out! Impress your friends and family with advanced tricks like The Energy Beam, The Escalator, and the Slingshot and Flip!(…)


Cool Toned Smokey Eye

A perfect easy look for a night out. Could even be perfect for special occasions like weddings and proms. First you want to prime the skin and apply a foundation allover the face making sure not to forget about the neck and ears. Then with concealer apply this to the under eyes, chin, nose …By:(…)


Getting Started With La COOL Board

"When we had the Idea for La COOL Board I imagined a mix between an Arduino with WiFi and everything it needs onboard and a modular agronomic Weather station. It had to consume very few energy for autonomous operation and I want to control Stuff like Pumps, Fans.. accelerating the process of monitor…By: LaCoolCo Continue(…)