How to Cool Down Your Workshop

Over the winter, I installed a heater in my workshop to keep it from getting uncomfortably cold. While that’s great for the 2 months of the year I need it in Southern California, the rest of the year the shop gets unbearably hot. The shop has been near impossible to work in the last couple(…)


How to Cool Pets With Frozen Treats

Chickens run hot! Just like dogs the chickens start to pant. As the temp gets into the 90s they start to hold out their wings. Honestly.. they are fine in the shade. Kitchen Scraps… We regularly give them scraps from the kitchen and here’s a way to make them even an even better treat!For Dogs…By:(…)


Cool Chicks, Hot Coop

"Why do most chicken coops have only two doors, if they had four doors they would be a sedan" I love my Gals. And having your own Backyard Chicken Coop is great for getting rid of scraps, keeping the yard clean (well of weeds and bugs) and having fresh eggs every morning.But Living in Las(…)


Cool Party Hat From Scratch

You can make so many amazing things from PAPER, including wonderful and attractive gifts. You can, with the help of PAPER, transform a bland idea into a never-thought-of-gift!This Party Hat is made completely from scratch but you can buy a pre-made paper party hat to decorate. Paper Ingredients …By: VKBakes Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring(…)


How to Do Cool Tricks With a Slinky

If you love your slinky but you’re tired of the same old tricks, like flipping it between your hands and walking it down the stairs, there are a variety of cool tricks you can try out! Impress your friends and family with advanced tricks like The Energy Beam, The Escalator, and the Slingshot and Flip!(…)