Simplest Solar Cooker Ever! (cardboard and Foil Oven) Cheapest/easiest How to DIY

in this instructable i’ll show you how make an amazingly simple solar oven Watch Instructional Video… Read description… solar cooker (oven) made using only cardboard and aluminum foil. cooks like electric crockpot using only the sun. reaches 220 F. great for slow cooking. items needed: …By: desertsun02 Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


Parabolic Solar Cooker

Basic instructions for Parabolic Solar Cooker1) Cut out 12 parabolic segments from cardboard.2) Fold each segment at line between the B and C sections, and the line between the A and B sections3) Cover each segment with foil to reflect the sunlight. 4) Tape each segment to the next on both sides unt…By: rlaville Continue(…)


Slow Cooker Asian Short Ribs

Beef short ribs can be challenging. Grilled, smoked, braised, or roasted, they can end up dry, charred, or worse. Wanting an easier way to enjoy them, I tested quite a few slow cooker short rib recipes, and finally ended up combining a few for this one. Made entirely in the slow cooker, with no need…By:(…)