Xbox 360 USB-C Conversion

This all started with my annoyance when i kept running over the super long original xbox 360 wired controller cable with my chair, and decided to try making a usb-c mod, some people had already done this using a usb-c breakout board, but i found those hard to solder, and there was no real good(…)


Simple Camper Conversion

If you want to travel cheap, then camper conversion is a great option. You can save a lot of money on accommodation. I realize that camper conversion might sound intimidating, but it is way easier than you might think. You need just basic tools and you will be ready to go in a day.Everybody doesn’t(…)


DIY Camper Van Conversion Bed Build, Bed Converts to a Couch! #VANLIFE

I built a simple DIY platform bed in a Dodge ProMaster van, which is being converted in to a camper van by Alex of the Singletrack Sampler YouTube channel.DON’T MISS THE FULL BUILD VIDEO ABOVE FOR MORE DETAILS! Gather Materials for the Van Build Arrow Fastener 1" brad nails :…By: craftedworkshop Continue Reading »(…)


DIY Alcohol Lamp – W/quick (stove Conversion) – Burns Standard Isopropyl (rubbing Alcohol)

in this instructable i’ll show you how to make an alcohol lamp using an old glass bottle (add 3 metal cans around it and it becomes a stove!) Watch short instructional video… (just over 1 minute long) Read description… short video shows how to put together an alcohol lamp. great substitut…By: desertsun02 Continue Reading »(…)