Control LED Using PushButton With NodeMCU

Hello Makers,In this instructable we will see the easiest way to connect the Push Button to NodeMCU. And control LED using PushButton. Materials Required List of parts required for this instructable :Hardware RequiredNodeMCUPush Button10K ohm resistorBread boardMicro USB cableConnecting WiresSoft…By: TheCircuit Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


Sensor Platform Robot With IR Control

Hi thereThis is my electronic robot project that I started because I wanted to learn more about interfacing sensor electronics with microcontrollers as well as build a platform that I could use to test out some of my programs, since it’s always more satisfying to see a program make something move. F…By: JetLab Continue Reading(…)


Control Servo Using LDR With NodeMCU

Well Guys!!I’m back with another cool instructable, in this Instructable you will Control Servo by varying the intensity of light incident to the LDR.Generally, LDR is a Light Dependent Resistor, whose resistance changes depending upon the intensity of the light incident on it. Things You Need to …By: TheCircuit Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring –(…)


8 Relay control with NodeMCU and IR Receiver using WiFi and IR Remote and Android App

Controlling 8 relays from ir remote, android app, browser over wifi. Grab the parts Things you required for this projectNodeMCU4 channel Relay Module x 2IC7805 x 2 (1 IC7805 doesnot provide enough current to power on 8 relays at same time)BreadboardIR Receiver (VS1838)LED Red x 1Resistance 1K x 1…By: AmitS224 Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring(…)