Autonomous Control of RPM of Engine Using Feedback System From a IR Based Tachometer

There is always a need for automating a process,be it a simple/monstrous one.I got the idea to do this project from a simple challenge that i faced while finding methods to water/irrigate our small piece of land.The problem of no current supply lines and costly generators (to operate our pump) added…By: Setty_Nikhil_98 Continue Reading »(…)


Autistic Children Remote Control

During the 1st Master of Electro-mechanical engineering,the students are challenged to create a robot for the project of the course Mechatronics by Professor Bram Vanderborght. As a team of three girls, we decided to take the opportunity to work with autistic children. "Make your choice" represent…By: DoVUB Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


Robot Con Sistema De Control

En este Instructable aprendemos dos cosas:Construir un robot sencilloIncroporarle un sistema de control para que se mueva entre paredesPara el sistema de control, utilizo una versión simplificada de control PID y se utiliza algo de impresión 3D, y programación de Arduinos. La explicación de sistemas…By: tomasdecamino Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured