Remote Control Tissue Box

Have you ever needed tissues but been too sick to go get them? I know I have. Which is why I have made a moving tissue box! Now your tissues can roll across the floor to you! As an added bonus, you can also prank people by leaving your moving tissue box somewhere, then unexpectedly(…)


How to Control Johnson Grass

Johnson grass is an invasive grass species that can grow alongside a lot of popular crops. If Johnson grass isn’t controlled, it can kill most of those crops or at least decrease crop production. You can prevent the grass from spreading by plowing immediately after you harvest, till frequently, and use Johnson grass-free seed and(…)


How to Lube Control Cables

Oh, the joys of motorcycle maintenance. Or is that just something we pretend when bragging to our cager buddies at the bar? I forget. Sometimes it’s just another item on our to do list, and today is one of those days. Lubing the control cables on your motorbike is something you should do yearly or(…)


How to Control Beer Fermentation Temperature and Gravity From Your Smartphone

When beer is fermenting, you should monitor its gravity and temperature daily. It is easy to forget to do so, and impossible if you are away.After some googling, I found several solutions for automated gravity monitoring. One of them, with very clever concept, called Tilt. Tilt is floating in yo…By: Cloud4RPi Continue Reading » Instructables:(…)


Arduino Voice Recognition Remote Control Car/Spider Robot/BB8… Nearly Everything

I’ve submitted this project to the Make it Move challenge… you like it, please vote!I wanted to control my RC 360 Degree Stunt Car (which is also the motor unit I’ve built for my RC Lego BB8),…using…By: RC Lover san Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


Particle / Active Carbon Air Filter Using a 120mm Delta High Static Pressure 12V Fan, Arduino Pro Mini 3.3V As PWM Control, and 3D Printed Cases

I am usually running one or two 3D printers in my workshop, and although I don’t print ABS, I do print carbon fiber and other materials that have been identified as giving off ultrafine particle emissions and fumes.After noticing that the air did occasionally have some odor and reading about some of…By: GSink Continue Reading(…)