Remote Control Camera Dolly

Something very handy to have if you shoot video is a camera dolly. It’s even cooler if it’s powered, and having it remotely controlled is the icing on the cake. Here we build a remote control camera dolly for under $ 50 (at the time of this writing). Tools and Materials Tools Drill and bits(…)


HQ Music Player and Internet Radio With Smartphone Control – Raspberry Pi, PCM5102A, Node-RED

This is a high quality (and low cost) sound system based on a Raspberry Pi running Node-RED and using a PCM5102A digital audio decoder. It can run standalone as described here, or can be easily integrated with the Node-RED based home automation system shown in my earlier instructable. In the lat…By: FlyingDrMike Continue Reading »(…)


DIY Motion Control Gaming

Let’s talk for a moment about what we’re getting into with this project. The main idea is to create a system that enables the user to have a more immersive gaming experience with the use of real-time motion controls. Now as we get further into this project, you’ll see that this system has so many(…)