Compact Computer Ruler

Many times while trying to design something in Tinkercad or the Silhouette Studio program, I find myself trying to visualize how the finished piece will look. I’m not great at sizes and proportions so I pull out my measuring tap a lot and it’s just not convenient. To make things easier, I decided to…By: Penolopy(…)


Computer Volume Control Knob

If you enjoy listening to music on your computer, but often need to silence and restart it when watching media, hitting Fn+k+F12+g every time just isn’t going to cut it. Plus adjusting volume with buttons? No one has time for that!May I present my Computer volume shortcut knob! While meant to mute m…By: JeremySCook Continue(…)


BUCKi – Brain Computer Interface Controlled Arduino Car

Hey Kiwis!You might remember us from our previous project KIVI ( ).This time we bring to you something even more interesting. Presenting, BuCKi, an Emotiv Epoc+ BCI (Brain Computer Interface) controlled Arduino car.We use the Emotiv’s Inertial Sensor to contr…By: YugvirP Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured