Complaint Button II: Hammer Time

"Complaint Button II: Hammer Time" is another simple automata designed to discourage complaining. Designed to appear as a cluttered workbench (as mine always is), this model was inspired by both my original "Complaint Button" and by the numerous requests I received to update the design with a more …By: gzumwalt Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring(…)


Complaint Button.

"Complaint Button" is a simple automata designed to discourage complaining. Pressing the button reinforces the unofficial "no complaining in my office" rule, in a "forceful" yet whimsical manner. This model is not recommended at all for the youngsters!Inspiration for Complaint Button occurred awhi…By: gzumwalt Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


George R.R. Martin’s teenage complaint to Stan Lee explains why his books take so long to write

It’s safe to say that George R.R. Martin is not the world’s most prodigious author. In the five years since George R.R. Martin’s last book in the Song of Ice and Fire series — A Dance With Dragons — HBO has written, produced, and aired six full seasons of Game of Thrones. It’s hard to blame the guy(…)


Breitbart reporter files criminal complaint against Trump campaign manager over alleged assault

The Breitbart reporter who claimed Donald Trump’s campaign manager had grabbed her arm during a recent campaign rally has filed assault charges over the incident, according to a report. Michelle Fields filed the complaint on Friday against Corey Lewandowski, one of Trump’s top campaign aides. SEE ALSO: Donald Trump on protesters getting punched: ‘That’s what(…)


YouTube CEO says ‘we’re listening’ to growing criticisms of complaint system

YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki tonight tweeted out a message of thanks to the YouTube community at large, vowing that the company is “listening” to recent feedback from creators, who’ve taken issue with the site’s complaint system. A growing number of popular YouTubers have criticized the company’s way of handling copyright violations and, in turn, the appeals(…)