How to Work Your Way up a Company

Working your way up a company is an effective way to become familiar with various facets of a company. Mastering a number of tasks and positions and getting recognized for your competence can be reaffirming of your value to the company. Climbing the corporate ladder requires goal definition, commitment, responsibility, and productivity. With a positive(…)


Espruino: The Challenges of Running an Open Source Hardware and Software Company

Running an open source hardware and software company has its rewards. But it also has its challenges. Espruino is no different. Read more on MAKE The post Espruino: The Challenges of Running an Open Source Hardware and Software Company appeared first on Make: DIY Projects and Ideas for Makers. Make: DIY Projects and Ideas for Makers


Google’s Chief Game Designer leaves the company so he can actually design games

Google’s chief game designer has stepped down from his position, suggesting that the company currently has little interest in making its own video games. Noah Falstein announced his resignation in a post on his own blog, stating that the “opportunity to actually build the big, consequential games” that he had been hired to help create(…)


Uber teams up with Mercedes-Benz’s parent company on self-driving cars

Uber announced today its plan to join forces with German auto giant Daimler on the deployment of self-driving cars. The cars, along with the autonomous technology, will be manufactured by Daimler before being introduced into Uber’s ride-hailing network, the companies say. “Auto manufacturers like Daimler are crucial to our strategy because Uber has no experience(…)


Android’s co-founder is building a new company and a new kind of smartphone

Andy Rubin, co-founder of the Android operating system, is reportedly building out a new company and working on several new products including a premium smartphone with an edge-to-edge display “that lacks a surrounding bezel.” Bloomberg just published a story with many details on Rubin’s new company, Essential, which he’s preparing to formally announce and lead(…)


Evidence of Russian malware found on US electrical company laptop

A utilities company in Vermont has detected evidence of Russian malware, according to a report this evening from The Washington Post, which cited anonymous US officials. The code is said to be connected to a Russian hacking outfit the US government has named Grizzly Steppe. Russian malware was found on one laptop not connected to(…)