The Color Mixing Puzzle

White light is made up of many colors of light. This Instructable shows how you can split up, redirect and recombine colored light using prism cubes in a mini "puzzle" that challenges you to think about white light in terms of its constituents parts. What’s an X-Cube? In digital projectors, prism…By: marciot Continue Reading »(…)


Arduino Color Picker

Welcome to my instructable!The project I want to share with you today is Arduino Color Picker, a device that will let you pick any color from real life object(s) and display it in convenient way so you can use it for example in any drawing software, GUI web development and much more! Parts List F…By:(…)


LED Color Sensing Chameleon

This is a mascot style foam suit covered in ~600 addressable LEDs, controlled by an Arduino microprocessor and powered by 12-15 lithium ion battery packs. It includes a color sensor in the hand. I can touch any colored surface and the entire suit will change color to match. It can also display compl…By: Partybot Continue(…)


How to Color Wood, Method 1

One of my favorite parts when working on a piece, is adding the finishing touch, usually a pop of color. There are really three tried and true ways of adding color to a wood piece: painting, dying, and staining. Both painting and staining are chemical mediums which contain pieces of pigment that …By: FreemanF1 Continue(…)


How to Color Block

Color blocking is a popular design trend that involves mixing solid colors to create a striking statement. If you love bright colors, it’s easy to incorporate colorblocking into your own wardrobe and home decor! EditSteps EditMixing Colors Choose 2-3 colors that you think go well together. If you’re not sure how to pair colors, look(…)


LEGO Color SuDoku

I got fascinated by the Rainbow Su Doku presented in a Instructable by tdonoclift recently. thegnome54 had described another very nice version of a color SuDoku. But I neither have their craftsman skills nor the required equipment.So I was wondering if I could build one myself, using some abundantly…By: Dr H Continue Reading » Instructables:(…)