$40 DIY Cold Drip Coffee Maker

In this guide I’ll show you how to make a DIY cold drip coffee maker for $ 40.If you’ve ever tasted cold-brew coffee, you know that it’s damn good. It is much smoother than hot-brewed coffee and has a sweeter and more complex flavor too. The reason it tastes so smooth is because it is(…)


Cold Smoke Generator

Hello! I apologize for my English, this is all Google translator.Inspired by the idea of cold smoking, I decided to make my own smoke generator. As a material, I decided to use a stainless mesh. I think it will last me long. Smoke 1 First I made a smoke generator of this type. The time(…)


How to Stay Warm in Cold Weather

Brrr! When the winter temperatures dip low, living and working in a sub-zero climate can really take its toll. By employing a few tricks, however, you can stay warm despite the cold weather. EditSteps EditStaying Warm Outside Wear an under-layer. This is an easy way to stay warmer without having to do much. An under-layer(…)


Cold Weather Hoodie and Cowl

I needed to keep heads warm in the recent Alabama deep freeze, most importantly, mine. Whipped up this hood/cowl out of a cheap fleece blanket.I originally posted a picture to the Facebook group Upcycle Sewing. Some folks wanted to see my pattern, so I decided to document the construction as well. …By: Oranges Rhymed Continue(…)