Coke Bottle Ring

Plagiarism: noun the practice of taking someone else’s work or ideas and passing them off as one’s own.It was also the topic of one of my art assignments a while ago. Of course, it wouldn’t be plagiarism in the full definition of the word, but it does give an interesting view on already existing wo…By:(…)


Coke Can Cast Concrete Candle Holder

WHAT INSPIRED ME?If you have seen a couple of my other Instructables, you will have noticed that I love obscure materials such as pallet wood, concrete and metal. I love using these in weird but wonderful projects such as phone holders, lamps and jewellery. This is my second Concrete Candle holder. …By: zaclewis98 Continue Reading(…)


Golf balls in a Coke bottle

Put some golf balls (or anything else) in a Coke bottle. It’s easier than you think! I made this just for fun, but it would make a great gift for the Coca-Cola and/or golf lover in your life . . . or pretty much anyone that likes funky, interesting things.There’s no great mystery, trickery, or(…)


Eat the Coke!

Is it Drink or Dessert???? Is it Coke or Cake????It is a cake, which looks exact like Coke :)Read on to know how to make COKE BOTTLE CAKE… Ingredients For Vanilla cake:1 1/2 cup of all purpose flour1 cup of sugar1/2 cup of milk1/2 cup of oil2 egg2 tsp of pure vanilla extract1 1/2 tsp(…)