Fire Pit Coffee Table

Once again, my wife had a vision, and I was inspired to bring it into being. We wanted a space on our new patio for friends and family to visit around the fire and have a place to set drinks and snacks. Also, this table keeps little hands away from the hot metal.Tools Miter Saw:(…)


Old Coffee Table Fix

Hello everyone,I think that a lot of people have older furniture that they decide does not look good, because it’s old, out of style, or just worn out looking. A fix that many people go with is simply getting rid of the old piece of furniture and then buying a newer, more stylish one. This(…)


Halloween Coffee Can Luminaries!

If you’re a coffee fan and a Halloween fan, you’re going to love this project!You’ll need:-Coffee cans (plastic ones work too)-Marker to draw the face-Craft awl to make the holes-Hammer-Primer -Paint (I used orange, black, brown and antique liquid)-Hot glue gun-Piece of a branch for the handle-Super…By: bryans workshop Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring –(…)


30 Minute Pallet Coffee Table

This is a very simple project that you could build in a weekend with minimal tools and skills right in your living room.I believe this is the easiest coffee table you can make out of pallets.Skip right to the end if you prefer Video format.For this project you will need: 2 pallets of same dimension…By:(…)


Poured Resin Coffee Table

Continuing my adventures with Epoxy Resin, I decided it was time to make something a bit bigger.Most of the materials used in this project I already had knocking around so I will estimate costs The Wood I was on Facebook and this Garden table and bench set came up for sale locally in Helensville,…By: buck2217(…)