Nespresso Pods Coffee Scrub

I’ve always liked Nespresso machines. They seemed fuss free and modern, especially with their futuristic designs. Pop a capsule in, press one button, enjoy your morning coffee. So, I bought one and five minutes after I made my first coffee I couldn’t shake this nagging voice in the back of my head “…By: FrauMartina Continue(…)


Coffee Filter Dryer

I came up with this simple stand to hold a used coffee filter full of grounds while it dries before you compost it or throw it in the garbage. I found that used grounds don’t stink as much in the garbage if they’re dried first, I imagine it’s the same for putting them in a(…)


Chicken Coop Coffee Can Heater

Winters in Minnesota are long and cold. Chickens manage without a heater but in order to maintain egg production it’s helpful to provide a light + heat when temperatures are below zero (-18C).Reuse: Coffee Can + Exterior Light. The heater I put together last winter uses an exterior light fixture c…By: jprussack Continue Reading »(…)


Tripod Pour Over Coffee Stand

Ever since I used my parents’ Chemex, I’ve been obsessed with brewing coffee. Experimenting with different methods for making coffee has become a hobby of mine. I have a miniature french press and a hand grinder, but while at college I missed the deep flavor and low acidic taste of pour over coffee….By: EammonL Continue(…)


Live Edge Oak Coffee Table

A gentleman in my area runs a lumber yard for all kinds of rough cut lumber, slabs, beams, etc. While picking up some materials for another project, he offered to give me a small live edge oak slab for $ 10. It had a prominent split running through it which was the reason I got(…)


Coffee Table Planter

A small deck with over sized furniture required an undersized coffee table. After kicking some ideas around, a trip to the lumber store yielded a small pile of wood to make a table that would require minimal cutting. Well minimal in a sense, and now that I think about it, not really any less than(…)


The “Stump” Coffee Table

So I found this hollow log right outside my workshop one day and I decided that I was going to make a seat. But then I came to the problem that the top wasn’t flat, so I called my woodworking grandpas (and talked to my dad). One of the grandpas told me how I should(…)