8-Bit Coasters

Do you have cups that sweat all over your table? Do you have a favorite video game character? Sounds like you need a brand new coaster! Today I’ll be showing you my process for making an 8-Bit character coaster from wood. Time to turn the NES off and get to the garage! Materials & Tools(…)


Mini Pallet Coasters

Make these awesome mini pallet coasters using just some glue and popsicle sticks. They’re really easy and cheap to make and they look great around wooden or pallet furniture. They also make great gift wrap bases for soaps, bath bombs or other homemade gifts.Lets get started… What You’re Going To…By: thediylife Continue Reading » Instructables:(…)


Resin Cast Coasters

There is a war being waged in your home. Drinkware and condensation have conspired in a brazen and brutal attack on your furniture, and the casualties are mounting. The stakes are high and the time for action is fleeting.But there is hope. A growing resistance rises against this awful tyranny. They …By: eLVirus88 Continue Reading(…)


DIY Pallet Coasters

So I take it you’re here because you like to make things that are easy and subtle additions to your house. Well if you want something rustic and unique you found the right place! I’m teaching you how to make your own pallet coasters! I’ll be using balsa wood for this run of coasters, but(…)


CD Case Concrete Coasters

Ever since I can remember I have been fascinated with casting things in molds. (‘moulds’ or ‘molds’, seems they are interchangeable words) Currently, I am a bit of a concrete-o-holic! I look at all kinds of things to see if they could somehow be a mold. This project is a super easy way to cast(…)