DIY Pallet Coasters

So I take it you’re here because you like to make things that are easy and subtle additions to your house. Well if you want something rustic and unique you found the right place! I’m teaching you how to make your own pallet coasters! I’ll be using balsa wood for this run of coasters, but(…)


CD Case Concrete Coasters

Ever since I can remember I have been fascinated with casting things in molds. (‘moulds’ or ‘molds’, seems they are interchangeable words) Currently, I am a bit of a concrete-o-holic! I look at all kinds of things to see if they could somehow be a mold. This project is a super easy way to cast(…)


Interlocking Coasters

Some time ago, I was asked by a friend on the channel to make coasters and figured this would be a good opportunity. I don’t like making coasters that fit into a little box as the box itself serves little point other than holding the coasters and that seems counterproductive. I wanted to make coaste…By:(…)


Cork Board Scrabble Coasters

When following these instructions, users will be able to create about 6 4×4 scrabble piece coasters. Materials Materials: -100 Scrabble tiles -1 16 fl oz Modge podge bottle (shiny or matte depending on preference) -Cork board (6in x 6in cork board 4 Pack) -1 Pair of Scissors -1 Paint brush Option…By: Awallace53 Continue Reading »(…)


QR Coasters

These clever QR code coasters give out my home WiFi information for an automatic login, perfect for any party I have an giving people access without them having to ask. All they have to do is scan the code with their phones and they are automatically logged into my WiFi.QR codes (quick-read codes) a…By: mikeasaurus(…)


DIY Wood Coasters

Looking for a perfect last minute gift idea? DIY wood coasters are fast and easy to make using scrap wood, and make the perfect DIY gift! Unlike cutting boards, you can use any type of wood, as long as you coat your wooden coasters with poly. In this tutorial I’ll show you how to make(…)


Pallet Wood End Grain Coasters

100% reclaimed wood coasters made from the finest of hardwood pallet wood! Each coaster holds a random pattern of spanish cedar, white oak, ask, red oak, pine, alder, elm, poplar, maple, and birch. The end grain orientation of the coasters shows off the amazing beauty of the grain in all the differe…By: JackmanWorks Continue Reading(…)


End Grain Coasters

This project is about making some random-layout end-grain coasters.These are made in much the same way you would make end-grain cutting boards. However, one key difference is that you arrange the pieces in a purposely random arrangement, and not in a nice even regular layout. (and yes, "purposely ra…By: wordsnwood Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring(…)