How to Get White Clothes White Again

Even with the most intensive laundering routines, keeping white clothes white can be difficult. Luckily, there are multiple ways you can soak your whites to pre-treat them and deal with stains, like using baking soda or a stain-fighting spray. When you wash your white clothes, always separate them from colored clothes. Use a little bit(…)


How to Recycle Clothes

Recycling is often associated with collecting and reusing paper, plastic, and glass. But you can also recycle your clothes! You may think it would be easier to simply discard unwanted clothing, but clothes can clog up landfills and harm the environment, too. Whether you donate, swap, sell, or repurpose, no matter what condition your clothing(…)


How to Measure a Dog for Clothes

Dog clothes are cute, and they can also be super functional. From sweaters, coats, and hoods that keep your pup warm in cool weather to harnesses to keep them safe on walks, it’s important to get your dog’s measurements right. Clothes that are too tight could cut off blood circulation, and clothes that are too(…)


How to Restore Faded Clothes

It can be really frustrating to buy colorful clothing only to see it fade as soon as you wash it. Luckily, there are a few different ways you can restore the vibrant color to your garments. Sometimes, detergent can build up on laundry, making it look dull. In that case, washing your clothes with salt(…)


How to Photograph Clothes for Sale

Great photos are the best way to show off clothes for sale to potential customers. Start by steaming and lint-rolling the clothes to make them look their best, then showcase them with a mannequin, model, or flat lay format. Use a light backdrop, bright lighting, and lots of different angles to capture the colors and(…)


Children’s Clothes Rail

In this video I show how I made this Children’s Clothes Rail.I haven’t posted on Instructables quite a few months, that’s in part down to my wife and I recently having a baby. But I’ve been desperate to get back out and make something, so I thought I would make this cute little clothes rail(…)


Mini Washer for Workout Clothes

This one bothered me for a while… No more.@medanilevin on IGMorning run is the best way to start your day!Return home before anyone wakes up.Happy, energized, dripping with sweat and ready to storm your day!There’s one obstacle though – the pile of the smelly-biological weapon grade-soaked running…By: medanilevin Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured