Hi! I made this PCB calendar and binary clock with Eagle CAD. I used ATMEGA328P MCU (from Arduino) and 9×9 LED matrix. In this instruction I will show You how to make Your own PCB calendar. P.S. It`s my first prototype in pictures and video so I made some mistakes (but I already fixed them(…)


Diy Glowing Wooden Clock

This time i tried to make a glowing wooden clock with used wooden piece .i tried to combine wood ,aluminium sheet & epoxy resin .If you like please comment & subscribe . Feel free to ask any question or suggestion .Material Aluminium sheet, wooden piece, Epoxy resin ,glow powder, clock, blue pigmen…By: aaishtv Continue Reading(…)


IoT Smart Clock Dot Matrix Use Wemos ESP8266 – ESP Matrix

Make your own IoT Smart Clock for display Clock animation, Reminder, Calendar, Weather, News, Youtube & Instructables follower counter and more!. Easy to build just need a Wemos D1 Mini and MAX7219 LED Dot Matrix Panel. No need programming skill no need Laptop/PC to program Wemos ESP8266 microcontro…By: mansurkamsur Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring –(…)


Analog Digital Clock

The reason for making this clock was because my original IKEA clock did not work anymore and I really liked the housing of this clock. I found it a waste to throw the clock away and decided to re-use it for an analog / digital clock.I could have made a standard clock but I decided(…)


Easy Photo Clock Present

Hello! My name is Kayla and this is my first Instructable. This Instructable is about making my grandparents Clocks. Sometimes it is hard to find good things for grandparents that shows you care for them and love them. That is why making clocks idea came to mind. I will show the steps of making thes…By:(…)


Faux Antique Mantle Clock

A few years ago I wanted an antique clock as a focalpoint on our mantle. The clock the wife and I were excited about with a price tag of $ 1,400.00 was just not affordable for us; once seeing that clock nothing else compared to it. A friend suggested that I build it myself; that(…)


Steampunk Punch Clock

HigheverybodyAfter building the UV-Fluorescence-Steampunk-Lamp I experienced -while I presented this apparatus at the maker faire Ruhr, Dortmund 2017, that nearly everyone switched on the lamp, took some photos an went away without switching off. So the High Powered UV-LED´s started to heat up an…By: Junophor Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured