Felt Hat Clock

Hi, friends! I would like to share with you a home decoration diy idea: a Felt Hat Wall Clock inspired by Canotier hat shape.Stay on schedule with elegant, functional and handmade wall clock. Supplies and Tools Felt sheets (2pcs A3 sizes for base) Clock mechanism Black pins Universal glue Ho…By: Auroris Continue Reading » Instructables:(…)


ESP8266 Internet Clock With Weather Update & Many More (No RTC)

In this instructable, I am going to share how I made an ESP8266 based hackable Internat Clock. The clock is able to show: Time, Date, Weather updates (e.g. temperature, humidity, pressure, clouds, sunrise, sunset), Weather forecast, Facebook like and notification, Youtube subscriber coun…By: taifur Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


Creating a Clock From a Clock

In this Instructable, I take an existing clock and create what I feel is a better clock. We’ll go from the picture on the left to the picture on the right. Before starting on your own clock please know that reassembling can be challenging as the pivots need to be placed back in the plate(…)


Hard Drive Clock

This all came about one day when I was taking apart some old computer components which were no longer useful; and not wanting to waste anything, I struck upon this idea of using the old hard drive to make a clock! This was also perfect timing, as I needed a new one, and had already(…)


NeoMatrix 8×8 Word Clock

Are you fascinated with the passage of time? Do you want a stylish, modern and functional timepiece to add to your clock collection? The word clock is a one-of-a-kind time telling device, using a grid of letters to spell out the time. While you could spend thousands of dollars on other versions of t…By: danowall1(…)


Morphing Digital Clock

A quick video about this project. I have since implemented a way to set timezone.Thanks to the work of the Arduino and ESP8266 community, this cool clock is a surprisingly easy to build! Just two main components: Display (obviously) and a WiFi MicroController No soldering required No pro…By: HariFun Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring –(…)


ESP8266 LED Matrix Clock

ESP8266 LED Matrix ClockSimple LED matrix Clock based on the popular ESP8266 with Real Time Clock module and time synchronization over WiFi from an NTP server. Parts and Tools First let’s see what we need.Parts: 6 x 8×8 MAX7219 LED Matrix 1 x RTC DS3231 1 x ESP12 Board 1 x pasta jar 1 x(…)