How to Make Eyeglass Cleaner

Getting dusty, smudged lenses is an inevitable part of wearing glasses. Fortunately, it’s easy to mix up your own cleaner that cuts through dirt and grime. You can make a small bottle of portable eyeglass cleaner that uses rubbing alcohol or witch hazel. If you’re concerned that the rubbing alcohol could damage protective coatings on(…)


How to Make Vacuum Cleaner

Hi , Today I am making a diy vacuum cleaner which can clean most of the small particles,as I was working with styrofoam project there tiny particles are so hard to collect so I got this idea to make a simple portable vacuum cleaner which works on 12v adaptor and easy to carry. Things We(…)


GRawler – Glass Roof Cleaner

This is my biggest and most difficult project so far. The goal was to build a machine for cleaning my glass roof. A big challenge is the steep slope of 25%. First attempts failed to drive off the complete train. The crawler slid away, the engines or gears failed. After various attempts, I have decid…By:(…)


Diy Vacuum Cleaner Out of Pvc

Hello today I will show you how to make a vacuum cleaner out of pvc.This is very simple to make and powerful. Collect the PVC I found some PVC pipe and joints on my backyard.Here is the all parts measurements.1) 4 inch PVC 20cm length2) 4 inch PVC end cap3) 4 inch to 50mm reducer(…)


Travel Tumbler Brush Cleaner

You’ll get these types of travel tumblers free at conventions, events, and gift bags. They’re cheap, leak, spill, and don’t keep your drink hot any better than a ceramic mug. Honestly I think my heavy ceramic mug does a far better job of keeping my morning coffee hot than these ever did.While I do h…By:(…)


DIY Cyclone Vacuum Cleaner

Hi guys!This is an instructable on a do it yourself handheld cyclone vacuum cleaner. The cool thing about this vacuum cleaner is its bagless design. It is made out of an Ikea Pruta food container and some RC parts like an EDF jet. The dust streams into the container in a spiral around the inner(…)