How to Clean a Silk Tie

Nothing is as frustrating as finishing dinner and realizing that you’ve spilled some food on your silk tie! Silk in particular can be a tricky fabric to clean, and while a trip to the dry cleaner can usually sort out the problem, you can actually clean the tie yourself with the right strategy. Whether you’re(…)


How to Clean A Coffee Maker with Citric Acid

If you’re the type of person that drinks coffee every morning, chances are your coffee machine could do with a good cleaning! While there are loads of cleaning products made exclusively for cleaning coffee makers, there’s a much cheaper solution. The vast majority of commercial cleaning tablets cont…By: jessyratfink Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring –(…)


How to Clean Under Acrylic Nails

Acrylic nails look beautiful, but dirt, food, and bacteria can hide beneath the nail. Cleaning underneath your acrylic nails requires a gentle touch so that the acrylic nail doesn’t separate from the natural nail. Be aware, however, that most discoloration on acrylic nails is caused by fungus, not dirt. This means that you will have(…)


How to Clean an Oily Nose

An oily nose can be an annoyance and also may lead to issues like acne. Luckily, there are many ways you can treat an oily nose at home. Commercial products can help reduce oil on or near your nose. Natural methods, like steam treatments, can also reduce oils. If you’re worried about a reoccurrence, small(…)


How to Clean a Bristled Hairbrush

Routine hairbrush cleaning is an often-overlooked part of hygiene maintenance. From oil and grime build-up to dandruff and leftover hair product transferring between family members, roommates, or partners, routine cleaning of your hairbrush is important. An old hairbrush can be revitalized and its lifetime extended simply by removing collected hair, cleaning with an agent, and(…)


How to Clean a Metal Backsplash

Metal backsplashes are appealing because they are so resistant to damage. Still, regular cleaning is useful to prevent ugly stains from setting. The first step is always to blot up the stain and wipe it off with plain water. Tougher stains can be treated with soapy water, baking soda, or vinegar. When you are finished,(…)


How to Clean a Fiddler Crab Tank

Fiddler crabs are small, easy pets to take care of and are easier than fish. They create a lot of waste, though, so many people who don’t know how to clean up after them and don’t bother. However, you can clean their tank simply enough! Follow these steps to make sure your crabby friend has(…)


How to Clean Drinking Glasses

There are several ways to effectively clean drinking glasses with everyday household products. Wash glasses regularly with warm water and a minimal amount of dish soap, and allow the glasses to air dry. If you use a dishwasher, opt for a gentle cycle and space out the glasses to avoid damage. Use a vinegar solution(…)