How to Clean Old Metal Fixtures

Have you ever been given or purchased an antique that has metal fixtures that are rusty and tarnished? Bring those fixtures back to life with these simple instructions. Soak Fixtures in a Vinegar and Ketchup Solution to Remove Rust Remove fixtures from antique.Place in the kitchen sink or large b…By: khoiland Continue Reading » Instructables:(…)


How to Clean Satin

Like any luxury material, satin requires special care to maintain its integrity and value. Given that satin alludes to the weave technique, rather than the material within the piece, determining which fibers your item is composed of is crucial in cleaning it without causing damage. To maintain satin’s glossy and smooth texture, see to stains(…)


A.I. and the Automation of Oil Clean Up

Oil spills are one of the most prominent and damaging issues today in the environmental science field. Current technologies/methods are inefficient, expensive, and lack the capacity to clean larger oil spills. This innovation is the next big thing – a device that floats in the water and utilizes an …By: bcamrl Continue Reading » Instructables:(…)


How to Clean a Seat Belt

Seat belts are devices integral to the safety of anyone in a car. Yours also collects sweat from your skin, coffee spills, and food stains. Unfortunately, it is easy to forget the seat belt when cleaning the rest of the car, making stains, smells, and even mold growth commonplace. To clean your seat belt, hold(…)


How to Clean a Table Saw Blade

Just like everything else that gets used, table saw blades get dirty. Whether it’s sap or burnt on sawdust, a dirty blade results in a poor quality cut and a really dirty blade can actually be dangerous to use.A sharp and clean blade is much safer for the tool and operator. In most cases when(…)


Clean & Refresh Garbage Disposal

The Kitchen garbage disposal is a WONDERFUL thing. Highly undervalued and often overlooked during kitchen cleaning. Though disposals seem to clean themselves, maintenance and refreshment is often required to keep them cleaning and prevent foul odors from building. This will be a step-by-step guide t…By: JonM19 Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


How to Clean a DSLR Sensor

If your DLSR sensor is dirty, any picture you take may appear spotty or grainy. Cleaning your sensor periodically can keep your pictures clear and help avoid excess dust from building up on the sensor. DLSR sensors can be cleaned in 1 of 2 ways: dry or wet cleaning. With the right tools and plenty(…)


How to Clean Wood Furniture

Wood furniture has a classic look that pairs well with a wide variety of decorating styles. But good quality wood furniture can cost quite a bit, so caring for it properly is key. Dusting it regularly is important, but sometimes, dirt and grime may build up. You can make an effective cleaning solution that works(…)