Squishy Circuits in the Classroom

This is part of a series of Instructables intended for teachers about educating students in the classroom around making and tinkering. For more about the details of this project, check out our blog.Squishy Circuits is an award-winning activity developed by Dr. AnnMarie Thomas that introduces studen…By: 3DNicholos Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


Papier Machine Combines Paper Circuits and Mechanics in Delightfully Pastel Videos

Marion Pinaffo and RaphaĆ«l Pluvinage create a paper circuits that use pleasing colors and new mechanical aspects that are fun to watch. Read more on MAKE The post Papier Machine Combines Paper Circuits and Mechanics in Delightfully Pastel Videos appeared first on Make: DIY Projects and Ideas for Makers. Make: DIY Projects and Ideas for Makers


Snap Circuits Super-Simple Capacitor/Light/Rechargeable Battery

This is a really simple light, battery charge reader, capacitor charger, and if you like watching a pointer go up and down then its also a game. The Parts You will need:2 slide switches (or more if you want to substitute some press switches for slide ones)1 Solar Panel (B7) http://www.snapcircuit…By: NiftyNiffler Continue Reading »(…)


Analyzing Simple Circuits

Before you get started on analyzing a simple circuit, there are few thing you must know. Analyzing simple circuits will require a few things from you:· Basic algebra skills (You may also want a calculator handy in order to do some calculations quickly).· Basic knowledge of how circuits work. ·…By: jonesreed Continue Reading » Instructables:(…)