DIY Christmas Stocking Holder

I’ve always loved the look of hanging stockings on a fireplace mantel for Christmas and now that I built my very own faux fireplace, I thought it would be fun to make a stocking holder with stuff I had around the apartment: a styrofoam ball, fur and some scrap wood. I wasn’t sure how it(…)


Christmas Spice Palmiers

Hello fellow foodies! Are you ready for Christmas? I’m certainly not. I still have shopping to do. Am I the only one? It’s probably because I keep baking things! I can’t help myself. I’d much rather make up a new recipe than go to a shopping store.
 But, as a result, I have a new(…)


Christmas Paper String Lights

Kicking off the 2018 holiday season with this easy and quick paper crafting template. Decorate your doorway, mantel, or railing with this paper string light. Use bright cardstock for the bulb strips and string them in fun patterns.Materials Needed:Paper String Light Template Get template in the Yo…By: PaperChaser Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


Christmas Tree Pop Up Greeting Card

Season greetings and it’s time to make your very own Christmas Holiday paper crafting template. Anyone can make their own Christmas tree pop-up card and send it to their family and friends. You can do this Christmas greeting card template over the holidays with your loved ones. Everything about this…By: PaperChaser Continue Reading » Instructables:(…)


Christmas Gone Wrong

Here’s my scene of "Christmas Gone Wrong" with Santa stuck in the (fake) chimney, a reindeer tangled in lights, an elf hanging from a ledge and presents strewn over the roof and in the trees.I wanted to take advantage of my flat(ish) roof and heavily-trafficked, well-lit street to make a fun Christm…By: KevinByrne Continue Reading(…)