WiFi Controlled Christmas Lights With ESP8266

Have you driven by houses with fancy Christmas lights, often synchronized to music? Normally, these setups require commercial light controllers costing hundreds of dollars, commercial animation software that can also be quite expensive, a literal money pit for the average home owner.This Instructabl…By: TomHammond Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


Christmas Lights Storage

Remember the scene from National Lampoons Christmas Vacation where Clark hands his son Russ a ball of lights to untangle? Well I too hate fighting with tangled lights at Christmas time. So after wrestling with the lights this year I decided to come up with a better storage plan.Items needed: Cardbo…By: GFire Continue Reading »(…)


Turn an Old Artificial Christmas Tree Into a Giant Wreath

Artificial Christmas trees last many holiday seasons beyond their living counterparts, however they too have lifespans. An average living Christmas tree takes approximately 10 years of growing before it is ready to be cut and sold. In this growing period, thousands of gallons of water, chemicals,…By: Charlie Chumrats Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


Train in a Christmas Tree

I took The Hornby OO scale Santa’s Express Christmas Train Set which is meant to go around the bottom a Christmas tree and built a platform for it to go around the middle of the tree above the reach of toddlers.The platform for the track is made from two semi-circular pieces of 12mm plywood with(…)


Spiral Led Christmas Tree

Hi friends In this inscrutable we are going to make a spiral led Christmas tree Things Required PVC pipe(1/4 inch)1 piece (110 cm)2 pieces(30 cm)4 pieces(20 cm)End caps(4 pieces)T joint (3 pieces)card bord Frame Construct the frame according to the video Make a hole at the center of the ca…By: science-tech Continue Reading » Instructables:(…)


Smart Christmas Tree With Esp

This year I decided to modify my old Christmas lights and make it controllable by my smartphone. In this project, I use NodeMcu Lolin, 4-channel relay module and DC power supply- 5V. Circuit My Christmas lights have 5 wires- one of them common and the rest is colors(red, green, yellow, blue).The …By: Andriyf1 Continue Reading(…)