Christmas Tree Halloween Costume

Here’s a way to bridge that Holiday gap! (that all the retail stores seem so insistent upon doing)This was quite fun to make and was a blast wearing!The reaction from the Trick o’ Treaters was the… Tinsel on the Tree.; )Accompanied by a Snowman Pumpkin, and candy canes, of course. Framework of T…By: cdstudioNH Continue(…)


Christmas Box Ornament

For our 3D printing class, we were assigned a group project: write an Instructable about something 3D-printing related. Our group- Janelle, Sam, Chris, Justin, and Jessica- decided to write an Instructable over how we 3D printed a Christmas ornament. So, here’s how we did it. Open Tinkercad Tink…By: 000147837 Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring –(…)


Solar Powered Christmas Wreath

Switch garland or wreath shape for anything you want! Solar lights will give you inside or outside wonderful lighting.I have more projects, DIY ideas, and reviews on my site ​1. Gather Supplies WreathSolar Globe Lights(We …By: Roscooo Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


Starry Vase for Christmas

Ever since I discovered the starry string lights I love to use them in my projects and my house decorations. This time I’ll show you how I used them to make a simple yet beautiful statement piece for Christmas. What You’ll Need Cylindrical vase Starry string lights battery operated1 branch of p…By: ma-vela Continue Reading(…)


Christmas Countdown Frame

I don’t think there’s a date in the year more expected than Christmas! Having a countdown before Christmas makes every day more exciting and fun. I made this Christmas lights frame for a chalkboard I already had at home. Gather All Your Stuff MDF blackboard (I got this kind at Michaels)3/4" PVC p…By: ma-vela Continue(…)


How to Make a Christmas Star

Make your own Christmas stars with paper and use it as decoration during festivals or any other occasion. You need 5 pieces of paper of any size or any color which you can fold and glue together to form the starPlease go through the step-by-step instructions below on how to make the Christmas Star y…By:(…)


Sequins Christmas Tree

Christmas is one of my favorite celebrations of the year, I love to decorate my house so that it radiates the Christmas spirit all around. Every year I like to make some changes and add new stuff. This year I’ve decided I want to keep it silver and white so this is going to look(…)