Train in a Christmas Tree

I took The Hornby OO scale Santa’s Express Christmas Train Set which is meant to go around the bottom a Christmas tree and built a platform for it to go around the middle of the tree above the reach of toddlers.The platform for the track is made from two semi-circular pieces of 12mm plywood with(…)


Spiral Led Christmas Tree

Hi friends In this inscrutable we are going to make a spiral led Christmas tree Things Required PVC pipe(1/4 inch)1 piece (110 cm)2 pieces(30 cm)4 pieces(20 cm)End caps(4 pieces)T joint (3 pieces)card bord Frame Construct the frame according to the video Make a hole at the center of the ca…By: science-tech Continue Reading » Instructables:(…)


Smart Christmas Tree With Esp

This year I decided to modify my old Christmas lights and make it controllable by my smartphone. In this project, I use NodeMcu Lolin, 4-channel relay module and DC power supply- 5V. Circuit My Christmas lights have 5 wires- one of them common and the rest is colors(red, green, yellow, blue).The …By: Andriyf1 Continue Reading(…)


Christmas Yule Log Roll

I made this for the Christmas Dinner. It was very special and unique and, of course, finished the dinner perfectly! It is a traditional Christmas recipe served in many European countries. Inside this Yule log roll has sour cream and whipping cream icing and raspberry coulis. Outside it is iced with …By: VKBakes Continue Reading(…)


Christmas Tree top Star Bling

A cool bright and colorful LEDs star to bling your Christmas tree this holiday season made from addressable Neopixel LED strips and Arduino microcontroller. Checklist Neopixel/ WS82xx addressable LED’s(Set of 3 Led’s X8) — popsicle stick (8) Arduino pro n…By: iAyanPahwa Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured