Best Easy to Make Chili

Chili comes in many forms and flavors. This recipe creates an enjoyable and customizable chili that is easy to prepare and has excellent flavor. Gather Ingredients and Cookware Ingredients 1 tablespoon canola oilAny cooking oil will do 1 pound hamburgerAny fat content will work, 80-90% lea…By: vtjudyz Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


How to Cook Chili Dogs

These might not be the sexiest hot dogs but they taste amazing.The pop of the dog with the chili is a great mixture of texture and flavor. To start off light a chimney of charcoal. Next place a pan over the heat and add some oil.Then add to the pan half a diced onion. Along(…)


Mexican Pulled Pork Chili

As we head into the Fall, Winter, and Football seasons, warm comfort foods such as Chili, Pulled Pork, and Spicy Mexican dishes often come to the dinner table (or football couch!). This flavorful chili combines all of your favorite flavors! The pork is slowly cooked to perfection, and the taco style…By: MaddieJ3 Continue Reading »(…)


Spicy Chili Chicken

Spicy Chili Chicken is a very popular Indo-Chinese dish in India. It is prepared by first marinating skinless boneless chicken in chili sauces and then deep fried or shallow fried. The fried chicken is added into another Chili sauce made along with some vegetables. It is mostly served as an appetize…By: Pavithra Arunkumar Continue Reading(…)