How to Tell if a Chicken is Sick

Chickens are relatively hearty pets, but they can be affected by a number of diseases. Typically, you’ll look for changes in their behavior, as well as changes in their skin, feathers, and feces to determine if they’re sick. Many symptoms are common to a variety of diseases, so it’s always a good idea to have(…)


Chicken Curry Pot Pie

~*~ CHICKEN CURRY POT PIE ~*~SERVES: 4 – 6 ⎪ LEVEL: ADVANCEDAhh, food fusion at its divinest. Rich, fragrant Indian curry topped with a flakey chickpea flour crust makes the perfect entrée for a Bollywood movie night. This recipe uses bone-in chicken to achieve moist and juicy perfection, but you’re…By: Bold_Bites Continue Reading » Instructables:(…)