Chicken Coop Coffee Can Heater

Winters in Minnesota are long and cold. Chickens manage without a heater but in order to maintain egg production it’s helpful to provide a light + heat when temperatures are below zero (-18C).Reuse: Coffee Can + Exterior Light. The heater I put together last winter uses an exterior light fixture c…By: jprussack Continue Reading »(…)


Easy Chicken Satay

This satay chicken is a welcome addition to BBQs for all occasions big and small. You can complete steps 1 through 4 in advance (the night before or morning of). The recipe is easily doubled or quadrupled if you want to have leftovers, they are fantastic in a salad. Marinade the Chicken In addi…By: CathyDietz(…)


Chicken Filled Paprika With Zucchini & Mozzarella Cheese Recipe

Ingredients:500g chicken breast2 paprika200g zucchini200ml cream100g spring onions100g mozzarella cheese5g parsley5g chivessalt, pepper & curryoil Preparation Cut the chicken breast, spring onions & zucchini in small pieces. Put them in a bowl and scatter a teaspoon salt, a teaspoon pepper, a few…By: FoodforDude Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


Automatic Catapult for Throwing Pet Food (dog, Cat, Chicken, Etc), Throwing Balls and More!

Hello and welcome to my first Instructable!Our dog LOVES her food, she’ll quite literally eat all of it within seconds. I’ve been devising ways to slow this down, from balls with the food inside to throwing it all over the backyard. Amazingly, she’s now like a vacuum and can find and eat the food im…By:(…)


Rainbow Blue Chicken Pillow

Chickens are such funny creatures! I really love how these guys turned out:)I wanted for some time now to try making decorative pillows shaped like this, but this rainbow contest really gave me the kick to bring this idea to life:) This was my first stuffing toys experiment!If you are curious to see…By: tody Continue(…)