Household Chemicals Tied to Kidney Problems

Reseachers who analyzed 74 studies of manufactured chemicals known as per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) found the chemicals are associated with poorer kidney function and other kidney problems. PFAS can be found in food packaging; stain- and water-repellent fabrics; nonstick cookware; polishes, waxes, paints and cleaning products; and firefighting foams. WebMD Health


Making Red-Orange-Pink and Rainbow Effect of Copper and Brass With Chemicals and Propane Including Steel.

Propane heat from a torch (Working One) can reach 900 to 1000 deg C and with copper and bronze and maybe some thin steels produce different effects Rainbow patterns. The neat Red-orange-yellow-pink color on the copper after it been electroplated in acid and added to a 1 L beaker with HCl 31.45 perce…By: SHOE0007 Continue(…)


Jack in the Box of Chemicals

Halloween is rapidly approaching, so I wanted to make a new prop this year. This one is a static prop which will be near a bunch of potions, animal skeletons, and other creepy exhibits where I pass out candy. In fact, this year I might ditch my cauldron and put my candy in this. Yuck!!!(…)