Cheap and Easy Floating Earrings

After making floating 3D print earrings, I remembered a craft I did at a Michael’s store ages ago involving clear string and stickers to make floating earrings. I decided to recreate them to show off the super easy and cheap technique to make floating earrings. These are a great craft for kids.Instr…By: Penolopy Bulnick Continue(…)


How to Buy Cheap Books

Do you love to read, but lack the budget to buy a lot of new ones? Walking into a large bookstore, it can seem like all the new and exciting books you want to read are just too expensive for you to own. Fortunately, there are a number of ways to acquire inexpensive books, whether(…)


KIDS PLAY HOUSE (Easy and Cheap)

Nowadays, kids are engaged in mobile phone and television and they do not make time for some outdoor games. I think playing with your friends is a better idea rather than playing with these computers. It also ruins there physical health. The same scenario is with my little sister. So here I came up …By:(…)


Pi Console: the Cheap Version

With all the craze about with "retro" consoles coming back and being so popular I wanted to see if I could build one myself using a Raspberry Pi. After doing a little research I landed on the RetroPie’s website ( and knew that I wanted a RetroPie console. With about 50 diffe…By: mcon99 Continue Reading(…)


Make a Cheap Spot Welder

How to diy a cheap spot welder We will remove secondary coils with a Hacksaw Part list:01. 12V Relay Module External Trigger Delay Switch Time Adjustable…02. Button Switch…03. 0.15x8mm Nickel P…By: VietnamReviews Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


Cheap Braille Embosser (La Picoreuse)

Presentation"La Picoreuse" is a cheap (75€), easy to build A4 braille embosser.This project aims to serve as a first step or a basis for reflection for other makers in order to provide an alternative to very expensive market embossers (3000€).SourcesOpenSCAD Sketch and DXF files: thingiverseAll sour…By: iapafoto Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured