Pi Console: the Cheap Version

With all the craze about with "retro" consoles coming back and being so popular I wanted to see if I could build one myself using a Raspberry Pi. After doing a little research I landed on the RetroPie’s website ( and knew that I wanted a RetroPie console. With about 50 diffe…By: mcon99 Continue Reading(…)


Make a Cheap Spot Welder

How to diy a cheap spot welder We will remove secondary coils with a Hacksaw Part list:01. 12V Relay Module External Trigger Delay Switch Time Adjustable…02. Button Switch…03. 0.15x8mm Nickel P…By: VietnamReviews Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


Cheap Braille Embosser (La Picoreuse)

Presentation"La Picoreuse" is a cheap (75€), easy to build A4 braille embosser.This project aims to serve as a first step or a basis for reflection for other makers in order to provide an alternative to very expensive market embossers (3000€).SourcesOpenSCAD Sketch and DXF files: thingiverseAll sour…By: iapafoto Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


Cheap and Easy 18650 Charger

(Check the video above to see it working)This must be one of the simplest ways to do a 18650 battery charger18650 charger module18650 Holder : here or Here Materials The materials needed are:One 18650 batteryOne 18650 HolderOne TP4056 Charging moduleI had to cut the side "flaps" to be easyer to i…By: D-TeK Continue Reading »(…)